Trump vows to veto the defense bill sent to him by Congress

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump said Thursday he intends to continue to veto the annual defense policy bill passed by a veto-secured majority in the House and Senate last week.

“I am vetoing the defense bill that makes China very unhappy. They love. It must repeal Section 230, protect our national monuments, and allow the military to be removed from afar and from very unworthy lands. Thank you! ”Trump tweeted Thursday morning.

The House passed the defense permit last Tuesday by 335-78 votes and the Senate passed the defense permit on Friday 84-13.

The President opposed the comprehensive political bill and demanded that the Internet Liability Act, known as Section 230, be repealed. He also spoke out against provisions in the bill that would deprive U.S. military bases of the name of Confederate leaders from the Civil War.

NBC News previously reported that Trump had privately told GOP lawmakers since the Nov. 3 election that in a campaign to veto a defense policy bill, it would not back down from its position if it contained a language that would rename military bases.

It is unclear whether Congress intends to override Trump’s expected veto and is backed by Republicans backing the bill. Kevin McCarthy, the house’s minority leader in the state of California, said he would not vote to overturn the veto.

If the huge $ 740 billion licensing law doesn’t become law before the 116th Congress adjourns Jan. 3, the next Congress will have to develop and negotiate a new measure.

The bill, passed on a bipartisan basis over the past 59 years, governs the Pentagon’s policies and decisions on troop levels, new weapons systems and military preparedness, military personnel policy, and other military objectives.