Trump walks out with a whimper and a beep. It has always been so

<p> Donald Trump began the start of his cycle on Monday night, opening the door to Joe Biden’s transition. </p>
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Donald Trump began the start of his cycle on Monday night, opening the door to replace Joe Biden.

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The end for Donald Trump has begun.

It came exactly the way it was supposed to be, with that all-too-familiar cell phone Twitter notification today.

“In the interest of our country, I suggest that Emily and her team do the initial protocols and ask my team to do the same,” Trump tweeted, referring to Emily Murphy, GSA administrator. , a loyal man who held the keys to Joe Biden ‘s transition under lock.

The outgoing president will probably never admit that he has lost Mr. Biden, who is now officially the elected president, as at any point in the two weeks since they were considered the winner of the bitter struggle with Mr. Trump.

Just not in his personality, which has been so analyzed and diagnosed by mental health experts, journalists, relatives and political observers. There is little question as to whether the 45th President has a huge ego, is willing to bend the truth, and is stubborn in insisting on putting his own interests above even an entire country.

All three are true.

The truth now feels like a strange thing, after four years under a president who scattered fakes like a firefighter.

He made 22,247 statements or tweeted what Washington Post fact-finding staff called “mistakes” just two weeks before election day. This number undoubtedly climbed its rallies in the days before November 3rd.

By Monday night, however, it was a truth that even this former reality show presenter, so often enraged by realities he had ignored or revised – both in his own head and on the public stage.

When Michigan election officials confirmed the election results there, according to which Mr. Biden won the state and its 16 voter votes, Trump’s long-term tender, which invalidated hundreds of thousands of ballots in several important battlefield states, was likely closed.

As Pennsylvania is expected to prove its achievements in favor of Mr. Biden in the coming days, the door is finally closed to the president’s unprecedented attempt to cling to power from the White House residence, which he will soon leave.

Closing with it will be one of the most chaotic, scandalous eras in American political history. What follows before Mr Trump is as vague as when he leaves the executive mansion for good. But Trumpism lives on.

Many potential 2024 GOP presidential primary fighters can already be called conservative bases for such a slice.

Nikki Haley, the former Indian-American governor of South Carolina who was her first ambassador to the United Nations, wasted little time on total coronavirus-skeptical treatment. As soon as he sees the White House offer, he’s considering a Covid college football brooch from the weekend.

– In the state of Florida, whether you lose today or in a few days. Put it over. Don’t stop. #GoTigers @ClemsonFB ”tweeted after the struggling Sunshine State program canceled a meeting with the defending national champion after reserve reserve Tiger offensive player showed Covid-like symptoms the night before Saturday’s scheduled Southern match.

Even before Trump cleared Murphy to throw up Mr. Biden and his transition team with the keys that unlock the plethora of intelligence and coronavirus-related data they had to take over on Jan. 20, Haley elbowed himself in front of the president from the MAGA lane.


The truth, which he ultimately could not ignore, came to the forefront of attention the day U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann tossed the Trump campaign lawsuit, citing widespread voter fraud in Pennsylvania. Mr. Brann made a fiery decision, writing that the Trump team presented little more than “forced legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations.

The federal judge, despite the fact that the president and his legal team continued to promise the release of some, added that the allegations were “not supported by evidence.”

“In the United States, this does not justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all voters in its sixth most populous state,” Judge Brann wrote. “Our people, our laws and our institutions demand more.”

It can be agreed with the judge’s final point. After all, more people voted for Mr. Trump than when he shocked the world by defeating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In fact, more than 10 m. Not only did the majority of the population (73.8 million) never demand more from Donald John Trump – they just wanted Donald John Trump. But even more (79.8 million) have indeed demanded more and voted for their democratic opponent, who now has the daunting task of running a country so distorted, bitterly and deeply divided by the Trump era.

But as Mr. Biden does, it’s for another day. All eyes, for two more months, remain on the protagonist – even if, like the weeks since election day, we don’t actually see him that often.

Despite all the concerns of Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans, over the constitutional crisis or even a coup, those who watched this president so closely knew it would be so.

Eventually, the president, who had been yelling, accusing, and blaspheming for four years like a lion who seemingly was at war with all his creatures, left with a mere whimper.

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