Trump wants incentive checks “for more money than they’re talking about”

  • As his presidency draws to a close, Donald Trump is once again asking Congress to include another round of aid packages to control the coronavirus stimulus.
  • “Now I want checks to go to people – for more money than they’re talking about,” Trump said in an interview broadcast on Fox News on Sunday.
  • Members of Congress are negotiating a $ 908 billion bipartisan aid package that does not include money to further control the incentive.
  • It is unclear whether Congress will adopt this package before the Biden government takes power on January 20th.
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President Donald Trump is in his final weeks and is urging Congress to include another round of monitoring the coronary virus stimulus in the next aid package.

Speaking to Fox News Brian Kilmeade, Trump said he wants incentive checks approved for “more money” than the options currently on the table.

“I’m pushing very hard and to be honest with you, if the Democrats really wanted to close the deal, they would do the deal,” Trump said in an interview broadcast Sunday morning.

“Now I want checks to go to people – for more money than they’re talking about,” he added.

After months of stalemate and convincing discussions, Congress resumed aid talks, this time turning to a $ 908 billion bipartisan package that doesn’t include money for stimulus checks.

In October, the Democrat-led House adopted the $ 2.2 trillion package. But majority senior senator Mitch McConnell struck down and proposed a $ 500 billion bill as an alternative. Discussions then came to a new stalemate as Democrats disagreed with a large reduction in the money allocated and Republicans refused to move higher.

Congress last handed out an incentive in May that gave $ 1,200 each to U.S. millions to offset the financial hardships caused by the pandemic. Since then, various signs, such as declining food spending, suggest that Americans are hurting for cash.

With President-elect Joe Biden taking office on Jan. 20, it’s unclear whether Congress will even discuss the $ 908 billion measure in time for the bill to reach Trump.

The proposal was intended as a compromise between the two parties. But Republican lawmakers, including McConnell, are signaling opposition to the package.

The head of the Republican Senate said Trump does not want to sign the current package in its current state.

“With the risk of repeating some of what we all know, legislation will require not only the approval of the Senate, but the signature of the President of the United States,” McConnell said in a statement earlier this month.

He said his own plan – a slimmer version of the $ 908 billion proposal – is coming to fruition.

As Business Insider Mia Jankowicz reported, neither the $ 908 billion package nor McConnell’s proposal includes additional money for another set of incentives.

The White House has been pushing for a second round of inspections for weeks.

Two senators echo the president’s congressional request. Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders and Republican Sen. Josh Hawley have teamed up to urge Congress to spend enough money on the next incentive bill to cut out every single American who earns up to $ 75,000 on a $ 1,200 check.

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