Trump, who is at the center of the talks, is not expected to be seen.

Contrary to his first Senate impeachment trial, former President Donald J. Trump has no Twitter feed that could be used as a cannon, directly targeting his political rivals in the process.

Instead, as the trial begins Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Trump is expected to be busy with meetings at Mar-a-Lago Private Club in Flai, Palm Beach, while sporadically monitoring the trial, people close to him said Tuesday.

Trump is represented by two attorneys, David I. Schoen and Jr. Bruce L. Castor, who say the trial is unconstitutional because he is out of office and that his language did not encourage violence by supporters who moved the Capitol on January 6th.

A handful of helpers are posting on Twitter in defense of Mr. Trump. Officials from the National Commission of the Republic are also expected to be part of the rapid response.

But the focus of the trial, Mr. Trump, is not expected to be visible.

Mr. Trump’s aides were built for him in Mar-a-Lago, separate from his residence, and it was not clear on Tuesday morning where he was watching the Senate television proceedings.

Mr. Trump has lost his favorite weapon he can use against Democrats and keep Republicans from breaking up with him: his Twitter feed. But the former president was said to have adapted to a life without him and to a press corps entrusted with covering the office he inhabited.

Trump allegedly told his aides that he was happy outside of Twitter. His adviser, Jason Miller, recently told The Times of London that he is fine, despite being banned by Twitter in the days following the attack on the Capitol.

Ever since he last flew from Andrews Air Force base on the morning of January 20, Mr. Trump has been golfing or meeting people in Mar-a-Lago for several days.

He was videotaped on Sunday night to appear during the Super Bowl among club guests, wearing a suit, as almost always at the club.