Trump wrongly suggests to the FBI that he made an election against him in a post-election interview

President Donald Trump can best be called a long broadcast of complaints on Sunday morning, and in his first televised interview after the election, he led Fox News’ s sophisticated presenter Maria Bartiromo, unfoundedly suggesting that they “take in” their own FBI and Department of Justice. with “tricked” elections against him.

Since losing the election of President-elect Joe Biden decisively earlier this month, the President has been a hole in the White House and has tweeted uncoordinated conspiracies over widespread voter fraud, while his “elite strike force” legal team has repeatedly tried to overthrow the election. out of court.

After Trump’s team suffered another series of humiliating defeats as Pennsylvania’s appeal was dismissed by the entire Republican Federal Judiciary and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed the Republican lawsuit declaring the mails unconstitutional, Trump called Bartiromo Sunday morning futures to fidget and rage about how the elections were “stolen” from him.

Bartiromo, who has loudly boosted the president’s false voter fraud conspiracies since the election, essentially handed over an hour-long show to the president, providing him with a free platform to stumble incoherently and repeat indisputable lies and falsehoods at times. Trump placed great emphasis on the baseless claim that Dominion Voting Systems, which was used in some key countries and counties, used corrupt software to turn millions of Trump’s votes into Biden.

“A lot of people have evidence of what happened to the machines they had faults with,” Trump smoked early, baselessly claiming that they’d “caught” the machines that were moving thousands of votes “from my account to Biden’s account.”

He also raised the votes of major cities and counties in the Rust Belt states who voted strongly for Biden by postal vote, rejoicing at the huge detail of Biden’s votes reported late on Election Night and later this week.

“These elections were over, and then landfills were carried out, called landfills, big huge landfills in Michigan, Pennsylvania and everywhere,” he exclaimed. “If you take a look, look at almost every state we’re talking about, every single swing state we’re talking about, and they’ve dumped these huge votes and suddenly won a lot, lost little, and in some cases took time. “

Across the segment, the president repeatedly pulls himself back to a handful of comfortable points of conversation, such as the belief that “Joe Biden didn’t get 16 million more votes than Barack Hussein Obama” because of the big conspiracy that destroyed him.

“We won the election easily! By no means did Joe Biden get 80 million votes. By no means did Joe Biden beat Barack Obama in the black community of different cities, ”Trump grumbled. “This choice was a scam. They were rigged elections! “

“It’s disgusting!” Bartiromo wholeheartedly agreed. “And we can’t allow America’s election to be ruined.”