Trump’s allies demand certification and voter election after compromise Pennsylvania election

A new resolution proposed by Pennsylvania House Republicans calls on state leaders to revoke the certification of presidential election results and appoint election college delegates.

The resolution, released Friday, was signed by 26 MPs “who have challenged the results of a nationwide election race in the 2020 general election,” despite Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar on Tuesday confirming the results, signed by Governor Tom Wolf, confirming Joe Biden elected president as winner. A similar resolution was signed by four GOP senators.

Republicans control both the state Senate and the House of Representatives, but each of its leaders said they have no plans to overthrow the results and pass 20 Keystone State election votes to President Donald Trump. The resolution called on Congress to “declare the election of the presidential voters of the Republic controversial.”

State Senator Doug Mastriano also provided support to lawmakers who elect delegates instead of Wolf. He posted a thread on Twitter on Saturday morning calling on the state legislature to select voters. “This power has been given to the state legislature to protect the appointment of our president, especially with regard to corruption and to ensure that people are not deprived of rights through a corrupt electoral process,” he tweeted.

Mastriano in accordance with Article II of the Constitution. Article 1.2. He quoted a section which reads as follows:

Each state, in a manner governed by its legislation, designates a number of voters equal to the total number of senators and deputies to which the state may be entitled in Congress: but there is no senator or representative or person appointed by the U.S. Office of Trust or Profit.

On Saturday morning, Trump sent a tweet that apparently used the constitutional argument to refer to the efforts of local lawmakers. “There is so much recognition in public houses for the brave men and women who defend our great constitution,” he wrote.

Trump’s campaign has launched several lawsuits in Pennsylvania and tried unsuccessfully to overthrow the election results. He quoted and tweeted Mastriano on Friday, claiming the election was “cheated” and that he was indeed the winner in Pennsylvania.

Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has recommended similar proposals to local leaders to try to get the legislature to appoint delegates to Wednesday’s session of the state senate’s majority political committee. “The state legislature controls this process,” he said. “It’s your power. It’s your responsibility. And I think you know, and you have to convince the other members, Republicans and Democrats, [that] they belong to the people of their state, and thus they belong to the people of the United States. “

Despite efforts to overthrow the election results, many officials in the state legislature have not fluctuated and do not plan to change positions when electing voters. “Our position on the voters’ meeting has not changed and we have no role, ”said Jason Gottesman, a House GOP spokesman. York Dispatch.

In an October op a Center Daily Times, State Senator Jake Corman and MP Kerry Benninghoff, both Republicans, said the State Assembly does not decide on voters or the presidential election.

Bill Patton, the House’s Democratic spokesman, called Giuliani’s efforts a ridiculous farce in a statement to Penn Live.

The certification found that Biden defeated Trump by more than 80,000 votes.

Newsweek reached the office of governor and secretary of state but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Election officials are expected to vote in Pittsburgh on November 6th. President Donald Trump’s allies, who claim the election of the state is in jeopardy, want the state’s justification to be undermined and the legislature to elect voters.
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