Trump’s ally lobbies House Republicans to support Texas election overthrow lawsuit

According to the email, Trump is “excitedly waiting for the final list” to see who signs up for the amicus briefing.

The acronym amicus is related to a request to the Texas Supreme Court to sue the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia – the four battlefield states, elected president Joe Biden, won the 2020 election.

One Republican told CNN he was deterred by Johnson’s email.

– Are we a list-making party now? the member asked.

Attorney George Conway, who was previously a lawyer candidate for the Trump administration before becoming a prominent critic, said on Tuesday that the lawsuit had no merit and described the effort as “the craziest thing.”

“It’s utterly outrageous for a member of the Supreme Court’s Bar Association to do this in the U.S. Supreme Court,” Conway said on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” citing Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who wants to block the election results. . “It’s an absurd and embarrassing fact. And for a civil servant, not to mention every lawyer, let alone a member of the Bar of the Supreme Court, this lawsuit is cruel.”

Johnson confirmed the email to CNN in a statement.

“Most of my Republican colleagues in the House and countless of our voters across the country have serious concerns about the integrity of the electoral system,” Johnson said. “The purpose of our Amicus report is to articulate this concern and to express our sincere conviction that the great significance of this issue is worthy of the Court’s full and thorough consideration.”

Johnson also tweeted about the prospectus.

“Today, I arranged for me to file an amicus acronym on behalf of the House of Republicans in the Texas case pending before the Supreme Court, all of whom are deeply concerned about the integrity of our electoral system,” he wrote. “Even today, my friend Jeff Landry, the Louisiana Attorney General, has agreed to join our state as one half of the case in support of Texas. Keep up with us on the big developments.”