Trump’s appeal in Pennsylvania was dismissed by his own appointee

The federal appeals court shot down Trump’s campaign to overthrow the Pennsylvania election result – a sharp decision was written by a judge appointed by the president.

“Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. The accusation of injustice is serious. But calling the election unfair doesn’t do that. Fees require specific statements and then justification. He’s not here either, ”Stephanos Bibas wrote in a 21-page opinion issued by the U.S. District Court of Appeals on Friday in a 21-page opinion.

The three-judge panel found the campaign’s grievances to be “nothing more” than allegations that Pennsylvania had restricted pollsters and allowed voters to correct technical errors in their mail.

“The campaign is trying to repackage these state law demands as unconstitutional discrimination. Nevertheless, his claims are vague and convincing, ”he said in the opinion.

“He never claims that someone handled the Trump campaign or that Trump voted worse than he did with the Biden campaign or the Biden votes.”