Trump’s campaign is launching a new post-certification lawsuit in Wisconsin

The Trump campaign launched a new lawsuit on Tuesday to try to overthrow the election results in Wisconsin, barely a day after the state confirmed its results in favor of President-elect Joe Biden.

The partial recalculation requested by the Trump campaign was completed on Monday. Shortly after the Badger State had previously appointed Biden’s winner by roughly 20,700 votes, President Trump promised to launch another lawsuit.

Trump made amends on Tuesday and filed a new lawsuit in the state’s Supreme Court, focusing on about 221,000 votes cast in two Democratic Democracy counties previously targeted by the lame duck president, Milwaukee and Dane.

The litigants – the campaign, Vice President Trump and Pence – are asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to close the certification results until the ballots they consider “illegal and invalid” are discarded. The ballot papers in question contain the missing ballot papers which, according to the campaign, were incorrectly issued, counted or cast according to the submission.

“The recount petition details the errors, irregularities and illegal behavior that affect more than enough votes to change the election result,” the lawsuit says.

The applicants claim that, despite the objections, the ballot papers were included in the recount.

They also claim that the Wisconsin Democratic Government. Tony EversTony EversWisconsin also officially announces that Biden won the election after Wisconsin police recounted Hill Hill’s morning suspect’s mall – UAE embassy in Washington unveiled “made an illegal attempt to justify the election” before the “expiry of the time limit for appeal after recount”.

Even if Trump manages to reverse the results in Wisconsin, he would not have enough voter votes to secure a second term for the White House.

Trump won Wisconsin by a narrow margin in the 2016 election.