Trump’s conspiracies boycotted the country of Georgia in the MAGA world

It doesn’t matter that both candidates are essentially closed to Trump, or that there is no evidence of a link to electoral abuse. Trump’s tougher followers on Twitter and his less restrictive alternative to Parler link the duo to the president’s favorite – and untrue – theories of voter fraud. Hashtags like #CrookedPerdue and #CrookedKelly fly. The two Legislators ’Parler accounts are full of posts accusing them of secret“ liberal DemoRats ”.

The swelling anger doesn’t just come from everyday QAnon believers in MAGAvers. It also comes from prominent lawyers working on Trump’s behalf, including Sidney Powell, who was briefly Trump’s lawyer to overthrow the election.

The growing chorus caught the attention of some of Trump’s key deputies who fought the movement. “I see a lot of conversations that are supposedly on our side telling GOP voters not to go out and vote @KLoeffler and @Perduesenate. This is NONSENSE. IGNORE these people, ”begged Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son and typically the MAGA world leader in a Monday tweet.

The main comments below the tweet ignored the request: “Everyone is told to write to Donald J Trump!” a read.

Tensions symbolize the broader struggle that is likely to erupt with the decline of Trump’s presidency. Trump has always been a rebel figure who has grafted his loyal base to the GOP. If Trump is no longer the supreme elected Republican, this base can simply follow him wherever he goes – he can attack anyone who lights up during the day, producing “evidence” of Trump’s preferred conspiracies and boycotting the political system like Georgia as a punishment. their leader.

And while it’s hard to say exactly how much of the online chatter reflects the broader voter mood, some Republicans fear that the conspiracy conversation can shave just enough MAGA voters to compete closely with Democrats.

“Whenever close elections are held, any distraction can be crucial, and in all respects, the course in Georgia will be close, as in November,” said Alex Conant, political strategist and former communications director. Senator Marco Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign. “I think Republicans need to focus straight on stopping Joe Biden’s agenda. When it comes to Trump and conspiracy theories, it only divides our party and encourages Democrats. “

Loeffler’s campaign did not comment, and Perdue’s campaign declined to comment.

National competitions in Georgia have become a toss up in recent years.

Trump lost roughly 12,000 votes in the November 3 election, two years after Georgian Governor Brian Kemp narrowly introduced Democratic Challenger Stacey Abrams by just under 55,000 votes. The Senate 2020 races were no different. Both flowed after no candidate was able to secure the 50 percent threshold required by the state on election day.

But the races are not the same. Perdue ran against an opponent, Democrat Jon Ossoff, and received 88,000 more votes on November 3rd.

Loeffler, meanwhile, ran in special elections after Kemp appointed him to the vacancy on the Senate last year. In the field of 20 candidates, Loeffler took the second most votes behind Democrat Raphael Warnock and faced a strong Repubilcan challenger with MP Doug Collins, a congressman among MAGA.

As Collins made no further progress, Loeffler clearly inherited his followers. But Loeffler, the multimillionaire chief financial officer and co-owner of the WNBA franchise, came to the Senate as politically moderate, even though he has since clung closely to the president. Loeffler, for example, recently joined the Purdue and called on the state’s Republican Secretary of State to resign in the Nov. 3 election over unproven allegations of voter fraud.

Nevertheless, Trump’s most ardent supporters didn’t always flock to Loeffler. And now they are being driven by some of the president’s close allies.

Powell, a former Trump attorney, turned parts of the MAGA community against Loeffler when he began to make a false claim that Loeffler had somehow teamed up with a voting technology company, Dominion Voting Systems, to suppress the votes cast for Collins.

The QAnon-leaning MAGA community has long seen Powell as a leading authority in such deep state areas against Trump supporters, especially after becoming Michael Flynn’s attorney. Trump’s one-time national security adviser pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, but Powell came in and claimed authorities had indeed deceived and coerced him, a narrative that worked well for Trump’s base. After months of speculation on Wednesday, Trump officially pardoned Flynn.

And Powell isn’t the only lawyer attached to Trump who demeans Loeffler and Purdue to the MAGA crowd.

Lin Wood, one of Georgia’s prominent attorneys who filed his own lawsuit to overthrow the state’s results, repeatedly called on Loeffler to resign from the race, urging Perdue to show Trump’s loyalty and start an “investigation” for both of them. in the election.

“Threaten to hold back your votes and money,” he instructed his followers on Twitter.

Wood seems to have a particular anger at Loeffler, tweeting about unrealistic scenarios in which he could take Collins ’place and threatening to turn his“ patriot ”against him.

However, vitriol did not necessarily spread in the MAGA mass.

Debbie Dooley, founder of the Atlanta Tea Party movement and Trump’s vocal supporter, supported Collins in the race against Loffeler. While it was still not decided whether to vote for Loeffler during the run, the chat about the boycott of the race was “the sharpest thing I’ve seen in my life”.

“When you call on the Republican Secretary of State to resign, it’s very strong,” Dooley said in an interview. – I don’t know what more people want?

It may seem contradictory that QAnon adherents, a group of Trumps from the Trump party, are actively trying to harm their Republican allies. However, Q-mythology has little to do with Loeffler and Perdue’s fortunes, much less the Republican Party. In essence, this is a theory that Trump is the sole savior of the cabin of devil-worshiping, pedophile elites in Washington.

“It’s very hard to put this worldview aside, even for just a few months, to get behind traditional elections,” said Mike Rothschild, a writer and researcher on conspiracy theories who is working on a book about QAnon.

“When he believed for years that all choices were deceived, the deep state controls everything, nothing he does matters, and the only way to prevent Donald Trump from winning every state is to be a lifelong president and destroy his enemies— you were so caught up in believing this radically huge thing that you missed the very little thing right in front of you, ”he said.

Even the approval of senators by QAnon’s popular personalities, such as the congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, by senators would not be enough, Rothschild remarked.

Requests from people like Trump Jr. Jr. didn’t do much to stop disagreements.

“Some leaders in the GA and National GOP are complaining that you are hurting your chances @KLoeffler &@sendavidperdue to win the course and save the control of the Senate. ”- Wood tweeted to 613,000 followers on Wednesday. “They are hurting these chances by not publicly demanding a fraud investigation and a special session of the legislature. Look in the mirror.

Tea Party activist Dooley says the fighting is illogical.

“It’s like cutting off your nose despite your face,” she said. “Republicans need to win one seat. … If Democrats win both seats, if they boycott the run, or write names, you give Democrats control of the Senate and they have full control over the government.

But pragmatism, Rothschild warned, may not be enough to sway Trump supporters thinking about the conspiracy.

“They’re still very deep in mythology, conspiracies, double deal and jingle,” he said. “It’s like they can’t get out of their way to see what opportunities they have here and how bad it will be for them if things go wrong.”