Trump’s COVID working group petrified that the public ignores his thanksgiving warning

When the Centers for Disease Control announced last week that Americans could not celebrate Thanksgiving with people outside their households, federal government officials working in response to COVID-19 had already begun planning for the inevitability that family and friends would do just that. two senior officials are aware of the situation.

The CDC’s November 19 announcement was seen internally by health officials as the agency’s last attempt to persuade Americans to stay home for the holiday and advise travelers on how to reduce the rate of transfer. And there is some evidence that the legal basis worked. Another New York Times survey found that only 27 percent of those surveyed spent their vacation with people outside their household. However, officials said the CDC announcement came too late – people were already planning their travel plans and those who had previously refused to comply with public health guidelines in the pandemic would not suddenly change their habits.

With hospitalizations and new cases occurring in more than a dozen states across the country, doctors say Thanksgiving could exacerbate the already dire crisis. Last week alone, 1.1 million Americans were infected with the virus. According to the data collected, an average of about 1,200 people died every day The New York Times.

“Obviously, there is the possibility, perhaps even the likelihood, of large-scale gatherings in large groups, bringing together 18-25 people, from all places, passing through train stations and airports,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s main infectious. disease expert in an interview with The Daily Beast. “If people ignore the CDC’s recommendations to really reduce the number of trips and people at these events, and they do … it could lead to another wave of current surges.”