Trump’s criticism of GOP senate candidates worries Republicans ahead of rally

According to two sources, during a recent phone call, Trump blew up Georgian Republican governor Brian Kemp as a “debut” and “nut job” and asked why Senator Kelly Loeffler did not get the majority of the vote on election day, and the conduct of Democratic Raphael Warnock against. Last December, Trump lobbied Kemp to fill the vacancy left by Johnny Isakson Doug Collins, not Loeffler, but Kemp appointed Loeffler anyway – a factor Trump has emphasized in recent days.

If Democrats can win both races, it will dramatically change the trajectory of Joe Biden’s presidency for the first two years. This would tie the Senate 50-50 between the two electorates, allowing elected Vice President Kamala Harris to vote decisively – leaving much more leeway to name his cabinet and confirm the judges. But if Republicans choose only one seat, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will retain control of the chamber and force Democrats into a much more compromising position.

But some Republicans are leading the way at Trump’s upcoming campaign meeting in Georgia and are worried that Trump could cut turnout between his base if he continues to oppose Georgia’s electoral system and launch further attacks on Kemp.

“It’s not helpful to go down there and attack the governor for an hour and a half. But what really needs to happen is that he has to say a few things – the right things – that are loaded into a phone and that we can cut and use for TV,” Trump’s adviser said. . “If you tell me a few things we need to say, it will be helpful.”

Trump praised QAnon at his Senate retention meeting

Despite his widespread popularity among Republicans, Trump was reluctant to campaign in Georgia and, according to several sources, lobbied unanimously for the visit a month before his critical competition after several critical lobbies.

Perdue and Loeffler both called Trump before Thanksgiving and asked him to campaign in their state before the state proceeded, the Republican who knew the conversation said.

Others, such as Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel, also encouraged Trump to campaign in Georgia and envisioned being able to count on a Loeffler and Perdue victory in January if he campaigned in the peach state.

Trump will hold a demonstration in the airport hangar in Valdosta, Georgia, on Saturday following Vice President Mike Pence’s state visit on Friday. Kemp, whom Trump called “unfortunate” this week, was scheduled to meet Pence on the asphalt, but resigned at the last minute due to a “family emergency.” It’s unclear if he’ll meet Trump on the asphalt Saturday.

Several sources who have spoken to Trump in recent days have described a president who is more obsessed with his own electoral loss than with retaining Republican power in the Senate, despite the fact that many members of his party have privately expressed a desire to set the 2020 election behind them. , and focus on the Georgian runoff.

Trump recorded a 46-minute video this week filled with mostly recycled complaints and lies about the election, despite his own attorney general saying this week that the Justice Department did not uncover any evidence of voter fraud that would change the election result. Trump questioned how well Republicans could have done in the 2020 race while he lost.

“It is statistically impossible that the person who led the indictment was lost,” Trump falsely claimed in the video.

Trump’s meeting is funded by the RNC instead of his campaign, which usually bases the bill, but not because of a lack of cash. Last month, Trump’s campaign flooded supporters with a fundraising appeal over unfounded allegations that the election was rigged. The release of the White House race proved to be a lucrative endeavor for the president, as his political operation has raised more than $ 207 million since election day.

Asked if Trump is reluctant to travel to the state, Tim Murtaugh, Trump’s director of campaign communications, told CNN, “U.S. Senate scrutiny is in line for Georgia’s two election elections, and the president knows it’s essential that Senator Perdue and Senator Loeffler should be successful. The president will go to Georgia to gather Republicans and remind them of the stakes. “

CNN reported this week that Georgian Republicans are increasingly worried about Trump’s rally as there is some preparation for the tirade to destroy its loss, which could hurt the party’s efforts over the chamber. There was a significant group of Georgian Republican officials, including former Governor Nathan Deal, former Sens. Isakson and Saxby Chambliss on Wednesday issued a statement calling on the party to unite and pay attention to the challenge in the Senate to protect their majority.

Asked if he thought the president would change the tune on Saturday, Chambliss told CNN he wasn’t predicting what Trump would do. “And that’s part of the concern I have,” he said.

“I want you to come down from Kelly and David and how important they are to the country’s future and how critical their election is to his legacy,” the former senator said. “If you want your legacy to remain, you have to make sure we win both seats – and you certainly have to say that.”

Trump’s team and the RNC are working with the Perdue and Loeffler campaigns to get the vote in Georgia. Donald Trump Jr. made it clear that his father’s supporters must support the GOP ticket. Jr. Trump is the protagonist of a series of commercials broadcast by conservative press outlets aimed at getting the Trump vote.

CNN’s Alex Rogers and Ryan Nobles contributed to this report.