Trump’s fraud claims undermine democracy, says former US election security chief | US Elections 2020

Donald Trump and his allies are “undermining democracy” by alleging fraud and conspiracy without evidence, the former head of U.S. election security said Sunday, discussing the efforts he was leading before the president fired him.

“What I saw was an obvious attempt to undermine confidence in the election, to confuse people, to scare people,” Chris Krebs told CBS for 60 minutes.

Trump called the interview is “ridiculous, one-sided [and] international joke ”while continuing to tweet conspiracy theories and baseless allegations of electoral errors.

Trump lost his election college to Joe Biden by 306-232, the result he said was a landslide when he favored Hillary Clinton in 2016. Biden is more than 6m ahead of the referendum and has won more than 80m in support. Americans, most presidential candidates.

Trump belatedly allowed the transition to continue, but did not acknowledge his defeat despite his team winning an election lawsuit, and lost 39.

Passing on unfounded demands to journalists during the Thanksgiving holiday, the president did say he would leave the White House if the election college was confirmed to Biden. He will vote on December 14, the result was confirmed on January 6. The inauguration day is January 20th.

Krebs, 43, was fired from the head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) department two weeks after election day. Two days later, Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s attorney, held a press conference at the Republican National Committee’s Washington headquarters in which Sidney Powell and then the team member interpreted Trump’s false allegations.

“It was upset,” Krebs told CBS.

– It’s not me, not just Cisa. There were tens of thousands of election workers there who had been working 18-hour days continuously for months. They are facing death threats for trying to carry out one of our most important democratic institutions, an election. And it was a press conference for me again, which … didn’t make sense. What he did actively undermines democracy. And it’s dangerous.

Trump tweeted in response to some of Sunday’s messages.

“There is no foreign power that would reverse the votes,” Krebs said. – There is no domestic actor who would reverse the votes. I did it well. We did well. It was a safe choice.

Trump’s lawyers have argued that Venezuela or China is interfering with the “wolf,” he said, adding, “The American people must have 100% confidence in their vote.”

However, opinion polls show that the majority of Republicans believe in the president. Krebs defended the government officials targeted by Trump and later his supporters.

“In my opinion, this is a travesty that is now happening to election officials, secretaries of state with all these threats,” Krebs said.

– I want everyone to look at the secretary [Kathy] Boockvar, Pennsylvania, Secretary [Jocelyn] Benson in Michigan, Secretary [Barbara] Cegavske in Nevada, Secretary [Katie] Hobbs in Arizona. Every strong woman who stands up, who is attacked by all sides and defends democracy. They do their job.

– Look at the secretary [Brad] Raffensperger in Georgia. A lifelong Republican. He put the country before a party in holding free and fair elections in that state. There are real heroes out there. There are some real patriots.