Trump’s hopes are dashed in Michigan. – It’s over, and they know.

“Unless they have some evidence of fraud that affects the outcome of the election and that has not yet been presented to anyone, judged or otherwise, there really are no other avenues.”

U.S. Sen. candidate John James, who officially lost 92,335 votes, incumbent Democratic senator Gary Peterset on Tuesday. acknowledged the competition, which the president did not do, despite the fact that the formal transition process may have begun this week.

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Trump has virtually no legal options in Michigan, where last week’s campaign withdrew the federal lawsuit citing the false assumption that the Wayne County Canvassers Board could not justify the results of the local elections, including the missing votes of the African-American-majority city and democratic citadel of Detroit, to which Republicans recorded.

Wayne County attorneys have indeed verified these findings, and although Republican challengers Monica Palmer and William Hartmann later submitted a statement expressing their vote to withdraw their votes, they have no legal mechanism to do so.

Voluntary dismissal took place in the last line legal blunders from the Trump campaign, which erroneously initiated its Michigan lawsuit in the U.S. Federal Court of Justice, which hears monetary claims only against the U.S. government, and failed to file adequate papers to appeal the state court loss.

“I described early on that he wasn’t throwing anything against the wall, and I hope something sticks, and I think that’s proven,” Liedel said of the Trump campaign’s legal strategy.

Michigan Supreme Court on Monday rejected an immediate review of Trump’s allies ‘case in Wayne County, where a judge appointed by Republicans Timothy Kenny rejected an attempt to stop Wayne County’s certification, declaring several GOP polls’ testimonies to be “incorrect and untruthful.” “

Conservative judges Brian Zahra and Stephen Markman joined the 6-1 majority and rejected an immediate hearing on the case, but urged Kenny to continue to expedite the underlying charges.

“I am aware that many Americans believe that plaintiffs’ allegations of electoral fraud and misconduct are frivolous and obstructive, but I am also aware that many Americans believe the 2020 election was not entirely free and fair.” wrote Zahra in a consensual opinion.

“The latter view is a matter of concern due to the lack of ‘accuracy’ and ‘integrity’ of the elections. [the Michigan Constitution] it seems safe. “

The certificate heard worldwide

Trump’s long-running bid to overthrow Michigan’s election results the typically obscure State Board Canvassers Board had to watch TV on Monday as partisan appointees finished that generally routine affair: confirming the results all 83 counties have already confirmed.

Referring to a second thought by two GOP spokesmen for Wayne County, Jenna Ellis called on state MPs to block the certification, arguing that if they did, “the Republican legislature would choose the voters,” which would mean a “huge victory” for Adu.

But Republican lawyer Van Langevelde, a member of the House GOP board, said at the beginning that he thought Michigan law was clear: the board had a “duty” to certify the results and had no authority over many others.

“We’re not courts here,” he said. – We have no judicial power. We do not have the authority to negotiate the occurrence of electoral fraud.

Van Langevelde avoided the spotlight for weeks, unlike his Republican co-organizer Norm Shinkle, who told the Bridge and national publications he had doubts about the results and eventually refrained from justifying the election.

Both Republicans have been heavily lobbied by activists and political officials, including Republican National Commission Chairman Ronna McDaniel and Michigan GOP President Laura Cox, who have called for a delay.

After Monday’s speech, a speaker defended the integrity of the election, with Detroit official Janice Winfrey and other officials saying the fraud allegations were in fact minor errors that did not affect the outcome.

“As human beings, we all make mistakes,” Winfrey said.

Less than two hours after Van Langevelde joined two Democratic colleagues to justify the election, Trump acknowledged the General Services Administration has authorized the presidential transition process. (He later contested characterization of the agency as Biden’s “apparent winner” of the election.)

Van Langevelde The vote made him a popular hero in some circles, but it seemed contempt among Republicans and fierce Trump supporters.

Jason Wentworth, R-Clare incoming state Speaker he told Detroit News that the GOP will continue to employ Van Langevelde as a political adviser at the next meeting, calling him a “very valuable member of this team.”

Republicans who worked with Van Langevelde in the House have defended themselves in the midst of attacks by conservative social media.

“He will look at the letter of the law and do the right thing, no matter what his opinion is,” said Miller, the Sturgis Republican who is serving his third and final term. “The man is definitely doing his homework, so I knew Aaron Van Langevelde would be a permanent pair of hands on the wheel.”

It was clear that “he didn’t want to make a circus out of this and just wanted to do his job,” said Martin Van Howrylak, a former Republican state legislator from Troy who served on two committees employed by Van Langevelde.

“That’s what we used to do with Aaron: Just don’t frills and get the job done, be honest, even and with even hands,” Howrylak said. “It’s just good to see someone like him, in a situation where he actually applies the law, and nothing more and less.”

Van Langevelde was a Branch County Assistant Attorney who is well acquainted with Michigan Electoral Law, according to Miller, who at the last meeting was chairman of the House Election Committee, of which Van Langevelde worked as a political advisor.

In this capacity, they spent time along with analyzing Senate GOP bills that would have shifted oversight of campaign finance to a new political committee. Critics feared it would weaken implementation by weakening the party process.

“We really didn’t feel good about them,” and we ended up killing the house bills, Miller recalled.

“I have every reason to trust Aaron’s conscience.” He is an extremely honorable man who has proven time and time again that it is all about doing the right thing. For his support of politics there, too, his conscience is loud and clear. ”

The referendum prevails

Michigan lawmakers have heard Giuliani’s fraud requests before, including on Friday the oval office where Trump met with a Republican delegation that included Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey of Clarklake, House Speaker Lee Levering, House President Wentworth, Jim Lilly, Park Township Representative, Senator Tom Barrett of Charlotte, and Senate Dan Lauwers. Brockway Township.

As state lawmakers sat in a semicircle around Trump’s desk, Giuliani phoned the meeting and “repeated” the previous night’s press conference presentation with Sidney Powell, a Trump campaign lawyer associate, inexplicably severed the relationship two days later. Move according to Shirkey.

Trump openly encouraged lawmakers to appoint their own constituents in the states he challenged, and Shirkey said Michigan lawmakers “expected” that he might ask them to ask them to intervene in the state election, but they “rejoiced.” when “all he did was take an interest in our processes.”

There are still many unanswered questions about the meeting, including why Trump would invite seven GOP lawmakers to Washington DC to inquire only about Michigan law, which clearly stipulates that all 16 voters will go to the winner of the national referendum.

But that’s what Shirkey said: “He inquired about Michigan’s election law and we explained to him how they work and he was convinced we couldn’t do anything,” he said in a radio interview on Tuesday. “The law is the law, and we have made it very clear that we will follow.”

While facing national criticism for even agreeing to meet, Shirkey and Chatfield sought to dispel speculation by immediately reiterating a plan to honor the referendum.

“We will follow the law and follow the normal process for Michigan voters, as we said during the election,” they said in a joint statement shortly after the meeting.

Democrats expect Trump to continue to put pressure on Michigan lawmakers to overthrow the election. But at least so far, the system has survived an unprecedented attack by a seated president who refuses to consent.

“The president and his team kicked the tires of some institutions to keep democratic elections on track,” said Adrian Hemond, a democratic strategist at Lassing’s Grassroots Midwest Consulting.

“The system seems to have survived the stress test, but the election wasn’t that close … In a situation where there were some close turning points, I’m not sure we would have done that.”

The Trump resistance took place in phases, said GOK strategist Sellek: Rhetoric and protests first. Then lawsuits. And when that failed, the aspiration of the Republcan Legislatures was thwarted by the appointment of voters themselves.

“It seems that this phase is over,” Sellek said. “The basis he stands for now is to be constantly opposed to everything that comes next, and only time will tell us if the movement becomes more fragmented when other voices emerge..