Trump’s post-election cash catching floods the funds for the new PAC

But most of that money probably won’t go to any legal account. Trump’s fundraising operation instead sent him to a new political organization created by the president: the leading American PAC was called Save America PAC, a kind of vehicle that is popular on both sides of Capitol Hill, but guardians have long mocked it as a kind of slush fund. there are few restrictions on how much money they can spend.

Trump’s rampant fundraising bands direct much of the money raised to save America, the leading PAC created only days after Biden was defeated by major media outlets. Trump’s current fundraising calls are asking for money for a joint fundraising committee, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, which directs 75 percent of each contribution to save America, up to a $ 5,000 statutory limit. Only then will the money begin to flow into the recount account created by Trump’s presidential campaign. (The remaining 25 percent of donations go to various accounts in the Republican National Commission.)

“With the help of Leadership PACs, you can effectively keep your campaign staff in payroll, keep them on track, pay for travel, pay for rallies, even polls,” said Brendan Fischer, director of the Federal Reform Program for Campaign Legal. A center that supports greater regulation of these entities. “Trump has the potential to use his new leadership PAC not only to retain influence within the Republican Party after leaving the White House, but also to provide financial benefits to him and his family.”

For one thing, Trump can’t use PAC leadership money: if he did, he would have to fund a 2024 presidential race announces that it will restart. But among other campaign-like activities, Trump can use his PAC to consider Republican preselections through big-money, independent ad purchases.

The Trump campaign also announced that the fundraising operation marks the raising of $ 495 million in various post-election submissions covering activities from October 15 to November 23 due to the FEC on Thursday. This amount will not include Save America, which was formed after the election. Fox News reported it for the first time election day after the huge post.

Republicans are aware that Trump can embrace his platform in shaping the party’s future – along with a leadership PAC war chest and email list that is the most valuable donation list in Republican politics – simply.

“It’s about maintaining relevance in 2022 for setting up a potential 2024, all [presidential primary] in the field, ”said Dan Eberhart, one of the Republican largest donors, who also noted that if Trump is able to“ be part of the history of house repossession ”in 2022, it can“ show momentum in the medium term, it is highly relevant in 2024. “

The Trump campaign is also willing to toss up the fact that the rankings are still on the side of the president. “These huge fundraising figures show that President Trump remains the leader and source of energy for the Republican Party and that his supporters are committed to fighting for the legal and legal outcome of the 2020 general election,” said Bill Stepien, Trump 2020 campaign manager. in his statement, referring to the president’s conspiracy theories that he did indeed win the election.

Matt Gorman, another GOP strategist, noted that Trump’s strength after the White House will not be determined by a PAC. Rather, “Trump’s power has always been hidden more in his megaphone than in his money,” he said.

President-elect Joe Biden has not announced post-election fundraising and has not yet submitted reports to the FEC. His presidential transition also raised money to fund its operations, especially before the General Services Directorate made government funding Available 10 days ago. The Biden Transition Fund, a non-profit organization, does not file a report with the Federal Election Commission. It will announce its donors in February.

Other disclosures of campaign funding go beyond the president’s pull. From the ridiculously expensive Senate events in Georgia to the full collection of Democratic small dollar donations by Democrats, here are four more notable excerpts from campaign funding submissions that run from October 15th to November 23rd.

Competitions in the Georgian Senate attract big money

Senate control hangs in balance, and the pair of geographic senates are expected to be among the most expensive among GOP senator David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff, and Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler and Democrat Raphael Warnock. The tournaments already attracted a lot of big money in the first weeks.

The NRSC, a Senate Republican campaign group, had $ 36.8 million in the bank on Oct. 23 to help fund the defense of the two incumbent states. He also reported raising more than $ 75.5 million over the roughly five-week period – including a $ 8 million loan the report covers, one of the party ‘s most important fundraising benefits. (By comparison, the NRSC reported revenue of $ 32.7 million in September, with the last full month covered by a single FEC report.)

Republicans have launched a comprehensive fundraising effort for the couple, with renowned Republican strategist Karl Rove chairing a joint fundraising committee between the NRSC and the two GOP candidates, which has already collected tens of millions of dollars.

The DSCC of the Senate Democrats, meanwhile, raised about half of that over the same period. The reported by the party committee Raising $ 35.6 million without borrowing. The Republican also maintains a cash advantage, carrying a $ 36.8 million reserve (with $ 18 million in debt) with Democrats ’$ 17.5 million in bank ($ 20.6 million in debt).

The Georgian candidates themselves only have to submit new FEC reports by Christmas Eve.

Super PACs also play an important role in the race, as in past cycles.

The Senate Leadership Fund, the Republican Super PAC, run by allies of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, brought in more than $ 104 million during the reporting period, more than 70 percent of which came after election day. The group spent a remarkable $ 112.6 million over the same period.

“Money is not everything, but fundraising is an early leading indicator of enthusiasm,” said Steven Law, group chairman. interview with Fox News announced the summary on Wednesday.

The democratic opposite of the SLF, the Senate-majority PAC, did not announce its summary and did not submit its report.

Nevertheless, some Republicans have complained that the party’s efforts in Georgia could receive even more support if Trump does not redirect resources to himself. EOPhart, a GOP donor, said Trump “is taking resources and attention away from Georgia”.

“As a Republican, that’s what we need to do now [Mitch] McConnell is stronger by winning these two places in Georgia, and Trump took both money and oxygen out of it. [by his] non-admission and fundraising efforts, ”Eberhart said.

ActBlue continued to weaken small dollar cash

ActBlue, the preferred democratic digital fundraising platform, reached another record in 2020, processing $ 4.8 billion in online donations to 22,000 left-wing candidates and causes during the two-year election cycle, ActBlue announced.

This huge amount appeared in the Democratic coffers up and down the ballot, where these candidates regularly shattered fundraising records. But the cash was not enough for Democrats to fall short of significant votes, the party kept the majority of its house tight, and the senate continues to hang on the balance sheet in Georgia.

Nevertheless, the power of ActBlue is clear: More than 71 percent of the 14.8 million individual donors donated the platform for the first time, proving its exponential growth in two years. More than half of these donors contributed more than once during the cycle, and about half gave a presidential primary candidate and another campaign later in the cycle – a sign of how they were able to turn small-dollar donors for Democrats into a renewable resource.

WinRed, the GOP’s response to ActBlue, has not yet announced its aggregation.

Senate Dems makes weird beds with the Never Trumpers

The Lincoln project was initiated by the “Never Trump” Republican Task Force sinks the president’s re-election offer. But a group flooded with angry Democratic donors was soon directing the group, considered Trump’s delegates, to Senate Republicans.

The Lincoln Project launched bombing ads that reflected attacks on the president. (For example, Lindsay Graham compared Senator South Carolina “Parasite” which used footage of a decaying fox.)

And he found a willing partner for this mission: the main outside groups of the Senate Democrats. The Senate Majority PAC, led by allies of Senate MInority leader Chuck Schumer, gave $ 550,000 to the Lincoln Project on Oct. 30, according to a new FEC report. Majority Forward, a nonprofit group affiliated with SMP, also donated $ 650,000 to The Lincoln Project in mid-October after donating to the group earlier.

The revelation that the Senate Democrats ’large money management unit is working with a group of Republican advisers, even with those who dismissed the president, has caused some Democrats an eye-opener.

“WTF SMP” – a Democratic assistant working on a Senate campaign, sent an SMS after a POLITICO journalist tweeted about fundraising data. – That’s why the Dems are losing. I’m just stunned.

The GOP’s most successful donors never left Trump

Trump’s awesome campaign fundraising machine was eventually completed by Biden’s huge financial waves. But the big donors have entered the void to try to close the gap.

In the final weeks of the presidential race, several prominent Republican mega-donors distributed millions to preserve the American PAC. it was launched at the back end of the summer when Trump was rippling on TV radio.

The biggest donors were Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, who together gave $ 15 million to the super PAC in the second half of October. Overall, the megadonor couple offered $ 90 million to preserve America during the campaign, a huge portion of $ 200 million that was announced in 2019 and 2020 to outside groups. Before Thursday’s submission deadline, the Adelsons donated $ 180 million. to a tracker from here the center of adaptive policy.

Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus also gave $ 5 million to the Restoration PAC in late October.

Democratically, Priorities USA Action, one of the largest Biden-party super PACs, brought in $ 14 million over the same period. Pro-Trump America First Action, the super PAC Trump, which was supported as a preferred tool for external spending, has not yet reported fundraising amounts.

Anita Kumar contributed to this report.