Trump’s staff, including Giuliani, are asking for pardon

According to the source, Rudy Giuliani, who is leading the president’s long-running legal battles to overthrow the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in his personal role, is on the list of staff who offend the subject of preventive pardons and try to protect these individuals from criminal prosecution. lawyer.

Giuliani denied having negotiated a preventive pardon with the president and told CNN that “the (New York) Times is completely wrong.” He also denied talking to anyone in the White House about his grace.

The New York Times first reported that Giuliani had negotiated with the president for pardon.

It is not clear what criminal exposure Giuliani or his colleagues are trying to prevent. But a source familiar with the discussions quoted what the president’s friends and allies see as hostility on the part of the incoming Biden government to Trump’s comrades.

“Don’t trust the Dems,” the source said, describing the pardons as a “covering” defense against future prosecution.

In Trump’s career, nine individuals, including Flynn and Stone, have been charged or found guilty of crimes related to an alleged constellation of criminal conspiracies.

Following the appeals, it was Trump’s decision to pardon his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

The president gave Flynn full pardon last week, acquitting him of allegations of lying to federal agents as he contacted the U.S. ambassador to Russia.

Flynn’s Grace Trump’s second act of grace was in connection with the persecution of the president’s advisers. Earlier this summer, Trump changed Roger Stone’s sentence.

At least one major ally is attracted to his instinct for self-sufficiency, proposing to issue self-mercy.

On Monday, Fox News presenter Sean Hannity said on a radio show that the president must pardon his family and himself to avoid prosecution by the incoming Biden administration.

“The president outside the door must give grace to his whole family and to himself,” Hannity said, then added, “I assume the power of grace is absolute and must be able to give grace to anyone who wants it.”

CNN Maegan Vazquez contributed to the report.

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