Trump’s supporters, the other passengers shouting on the plane

Supporters of President Donald Trump got involved in an angry shouting match with the rest of the passengers on the American Airlines plane to Washington after a “Trump 2020” logo was projected on the ceiling and walls of the cabin.

Trump fans said a passenger threatened to kill them and shouted back and forth. A cabin attendant intervened and instructed the passengers in the hallway to sit down.

The incident occurred Tuesday night after American Flight 1291 landed at Dulles International Airport in Washington from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and took a taxi to the gate.

The scene was posted on Twitter by Maranie Staab, an independent journalist from Portland, Oregon, who says on her website that she deals with human rights and socio-justice issues.

“Our team is reviewing this case,” said American Airlines spokesman Curtis Blessing. “We thank our outstanding staff for their expertise in reducing the tense on-board situation and getting our customers to their destination safely.”

American said law enforcement officers were not invited and passengers landed and scattered without further incident.


The video tweet can be found here: