Trump’s team is a disloyal witness to the SNL character compared to Michigan

Donald Trump’s legal team’s quixotic effort to overthrow the election results gave birth to an unlikely star this week: Michigan resident Melissa Carone.

Carone, a contract staff member at Dominion Voting Systems, appeared in front of a Michigan house on Wednesday and insisted, without evidence, that tens of thousands of votes had been counted twice.

However, the way he made his claims has put him on social media, with many Twitter users comparing Carone to a Saturday Night Live character.

Carone spoke several times over a Michigan MP as she tried to get deep into her allegations of voter fraud.

These allegations seemed to be vague accusations of recounting ballots and manipulating the poll, apparently on the part of the House controlled by the Republicans.

Steve Johnson, a representative of the Republican state of Michigan, responded to Carone’s allegations that he saw ballot box staff counting items of 30,000 votes multiple times:

“We don’t see the poll being booked with 30,000 votes.”

Carone, who had spoken about Johnson several times as she tried to understand her claims, did not move.

“What did you guys do, take it and do something crazy?” Carone said.

“I’m just saying the numbers won’t close with 30,000 votes,” Johnson replied.

“I’d say the poll book is over 100,000.” [votes]Carone said.

In her appearance in front of the house, Carone deserved the rare distinction of making statements that were too strange for Rudy Giuliani, who has become a patchwork of destroyed election conspiracy theories in recent weeks.

Giuliani, who was sitting next to Carone at the Michigan trial, heard him shake him as he spoke loudly over a state representative and shuddered during some of his accounts as a witness to the fraud.

On Nov. 13, a Wayne County judge ruled that Carone’s allegations were “simply not credible,” but that didn’t stop Trump’s team from taking him to Wednesday’s trial, where Carone added all the votes:

“It doesn’t work wildly, and the dead vote, and the illegals do.”

Carone, who has been circling the right-wing media in recent weeks, claimed Wednesday night that “she had to get rid of social media” as a result of her public appearances.

This statement also appears to be false, as there is still a Facebook account with the name on the site.