Tucker Carlson mocks Jill Biden’s dissertation, calling it illiterate

Tucker Carlson again mocked Jill Biden’s title, mocked the educational results of the incoming first lady, and despised her husband, President-elect Joe Biden.

Two days later Tucker Carlson tonight the anchor says he referred to himself as Dr. Jill Biden because of his “status anxiety” and likened him to “Dr. Pepper.” On Wednesday, he published a seven-minute monologue on the subject.

With his tongue on his face, Carlson described a complicated scenario in which a patient on the verge of death would not receive medical treatment but instead “present a slide show of ethnic diversity at a community college in Delaware.” system “, referring to the topic of Jill Biden ‘s doctoral dissertation.

Claiming to have read the “embarrassing” dissertation, Carlson said he “contains spellings everywhere,” and accused him of being “illiterate across the border.”

“Jill Biden’s doctoral dissertation is our national shame,” he said before claiming that there are parts with numerical errors. Perhaps acknowledging that he had gone too far, he added, “All right, we’re cruel there.”

Carlson described his criticism of his desire to use the media as articulated by other media outlets.

He continued, “They say no one would ever call a man stupid. All right, well, that’s wrong. Dr. Jill’s husband is constantly called stupid.

“Actually, we’re going to be a complete feminist here and admit that Dr. Jill is a lot smarter than the man he married. It’s not like that says much,” he added, concluding that such an honorable use is a “class thing.” , “which” is based on credentials such as that held by Dr. Jill Biden. “

Newsweek contacted Biden’s transitional team for comments.

The debate over the use of the address flared up this week when A Wall Street Journal published a publication by Joseph Epstein, a former English lecturer at Northwestern University. The article, which referred to Jill Biden as “Kiddo,” argued that he should give up the award because he has an EdDD, a doctorate in education.

The New York Times women have reported that the play is “blatantly sexist and emblematic in the way many men question or despise women’s credentials.”

Epstein’s former employer distanced himself WSJ piece, issuing a statement that “is firmly committed to fairness, diversity, and inclusion, and strongly disagrees with Mr. Epstein’s hate-minded views.”

The president-elect’s communications director, Kate Bedingfield, called your op a “patronizing, sexist, elitist driving force.”

Jill Biden
Jill Biden pictured on Dec. 10, when care packages are being put together for deployed U.S. troops in Washington DC, Fox News anchor, Tucker Carlson, mocked for using the honorable Dr.