Two touches, two touches for the Chiefs Tire Hill

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Tyreek Hill’s first catch in the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday game was big against the Miami Dolphins.

Hill caught Patrick Mahomes ’44-yard touchdown pass by getting behind the secondary in the first round of the third quarter, leading the Chiefs to 21-10 with that game.

Even though Hill didn’t get a pass in the first half, he still got the Chiefs ’first touch in a 32-yard run.

This is Hill’s first career with a 30-yard TD and a 30-yard rushing TD. This season is the second player to join Browns Odell Beckham Jr., who did so against the Cowboys.

Shortly after Hill’s second touch, the Chiefs increased their lead again thanks to Mecole Hardman’s 67-yard punt return. The Chiefs scored 28 straight points after falling behind 10-0.