UPDATE: Tesla is recalling 870 cars in China due to roof defect: AFP

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870 cars will be recalled in China due to a roof defect that could cause some to fall, AFP reported on Friday, citing a Chinese market regulator. The latest recall concerns Model X cars manufactured between 16 March and 31 July 2016. There may not be enough primer on some parts of the roof covering to improve adhesion, meaning it may fall, the regulator said in a statement. “If the upholstery falls off the vehicle while driving, this increases the risk of collision or injury to the vehicles behind them, especially motorcycles, which poses a safety hazard,” the statement said. On Wednesday, Tesla said it will recall more than 9,000 Y and Model X vehicles due to bolt problems, and the Model X SUV has the same problem with the roof trim. According to the NHTSA safety recall report, the 9136 X model involved in the recall was made between September 2015 and July 2016. For the Model Y, Tesla notified NHTSA earlier this month to recall “certain 2020 Model Y vehicles” as the car’s steering bolts may not be properly tightened, which could eventually disrupt steering and increase the risk of a collision. he said. Tesla shares reversed early losses, boosting the premark by 0.8% and gaining 586% so far this year.