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President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was in Michigan yesterday for a lengthy and occasional wolf hearing held by the Michigan House Supervisory Board. He seemed to be urging the legislature to overthrow the election result, where Joe Biden won the state by about 154,000.

“You are the ultimate arbiter of how honest or not your choice is in your state,” Giuliani said at one point. “And it’s your responsibility to stand up to that.” If we let them get away with this, I don’t know what happens after that.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and Jenna Ellis, a member of the president’s legal team, appear before the House of Michigan Supervisory Board. Photo: Rey Del Rio / Getty Images

The four-hour hearing took place under extremely unusual circumstances, and Matt Hall, chairman of the Republican House Supervision, even allowed Giuliani to hear witnesses, a procedure that is usually within the purview of the legislators themselves.

One witness who claimed to have worked as an entrepreneur for the Dominion Voting System claimed to have seen voter fraud. “I know for a fact that illegal activity took place there,” he said. An analysis by the Washington Post earlier this week showed that the majority of swing-state counties using Dominion Voting System machines did vote for Donald Trump.

Another witness complained about the lack of a voter ID before claiming that “all Chinese look the same”.

– The other Member said he could show up and vote without an ID, which is shocking. How can you allow this to happen. Many people think that every Indian is similar to each other, I think all Chinese are similar, then how would you say?

Chris Hertel, a Democratic Democrat senator, posted a Facebook post during the audition: “This is the biggest joke the audition has ever seen. Members of the House are limited in their questions, but Giuliani can ask any question he wants. This is a farce and a legislative disruption. “

Other witnesses included Jessy Jacob, who said she worked at the election center. He says he was told to “pre-date” the ballot papers and was fired when he notified other workers that someone’s signature didn’t match his license. “I was treated like a criminal,” Jacob said.

Secretary of State Darrin Camilleri questioned his credibility and recalled the trial that a Wayne County judge questioned his story at a court hearing earlier this month.

Melissa Carone was also a witness. He said he saw election workers counting more ballots. “They only check, they check, they check, the ballots were counted nine to ten times, the votes were counted nine to ten times,” Carone said.

– So the same vote was counted the same vote, nine times or ten times? Giuliani asked. “Yes, sir,” Carone replied. Giulaini asked Carone how many ballots would be counted multiple times, and he replied, “at least 30,000”.

This report has already been received by the court, where Judge Carone’s allegations were found to be “simply not credible”.

Witnesses did not have to take an oath at the trial.