Utah joins the Texas challenge in swing state voting results

SALT CITY – Utah has joined 16 other states to support Texas lawsuits aimed at overturning presidential election results in several vibrant states.

Sean Reyes, the Attorney General of the State of Utah, signed on Wednesday and joined the other states in a briefing at the Supreme Court.

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The Texas lawsuit filed by state attorney general Ken Paxton argues that “illegal and constitutionally polluted votes” should be prevented in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, all states won by elected president Joe Biden.

Reyes, who supported President Trump ‘s claim of voter fraud and he worked for a campaign against the vote count in Nevadaconsiders that the Supreme Court should review the constitutionality of the electoral process.

“If Americans want to trust the integrity of the electoral system, it is important for the Supreme Court to decide who determines the time and place of the vote: the legislature or the courts,” Reyes said in a statement.

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Reyes argues that the lawsuit is not about one candidate, but fairness in all elections. He said the Supreme Court should say whether the election was fair, despite the fact that almost every state has already verified its vote.

“The fundamental constitutional question we need to answer SCOTUS is, who actually controls the time, place and manner of elections in each state? Legislation as commanded by the Constitution? Can this power be delegated or usurped under certain circumstances? The answer applies not only to these elections, but to all future elections. “

Opponents of Reyes say the action of the Attorney General is a partisan effort to overthrow election results that are not in the way of his party.

“The foundation of American democracy is that the people elect their leaders, leaders do not elect their voters. Sean Reyes ’ongoing efforts to delegate democratic elections – considered by the federal government to be“ the safest in American history ”- by discarding people’s votes goes beyond the attorney general’s faintness. “for a better Utah.” The submission of this guerrilla warfare to the Supreme Court can only be greeted with a final desperate greeting to Mary, who tries to maintain control of the party to the detriment of the people. Sean Reyes ’partisan setbacks continue to show that he is unfit to be a Utah law enforcement officer. The leaders of all political parties in Utah must condemn what has been done on behalf of the state. “