Utah MP says Dems cheats in Georgian Senate pivotal races

Representative Chris Stewart, without claiming evidence, claims Democrats are cheating on two run-down elections in Georgia that determine control of the U.S. Senate – and is willing to put money where his mouth is fighting.

He tries to gather Utah Republicans to donate to those tournaments, offering to match all donations that small contributors make to $ 10,000.

“These two Georgian Senate races are critical to our future,” he said in videos posted on social media. “Democrats are desperate to get these two seats. If they do, they have absolute power. They will change our nation forever. We cannot allow this to be done. “

If Democrats win both Senate races, they will have tight control over the Senate. Democrats are already in control of the House, and Democrat Joe Biden has won the presidential race. However, Stewart is among the Republicans who have not yet publicly recognized Biden as the winner – although the video’s statement appears to be close to recognizing it.

Stewart said Democrats were so frustrated that winning Georgian races that they “cheat. Therefore, people are encouraged to move to Georgia. They are encouraged on how to register and how to vote. Hundreds of millions are poured into the competition. We have to do the same. “

There is no evidence to support his claims.

So Stewart told Utah Republicans, “I need your help. In fact, America needs your help. ”When he encouraged them to help make donations to Georgian Republican sensor David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler against Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in the January 5 election.

“That’s why I’m committing a $ 10,000 clash for donations from small donors,” Stewart said. “We can change together.”

In social media posts, there was a link to the Georgia Battleground Fund donation site, the joint fundraising committee of Perdue, Loeffler, and the National Senate Committee.

Stewart also said on the Internet that he is planning a virtual fundraiser for the competitions in Georgia, where he said several other Republican lawmakers will appear, including Elected Representative Burgess Owens, Blake Moore, Representative John Curtis and Senator Mike Lee.

“Our country is being attacked and the competitions in the Georgian Senate are the last line of defense,” Stewart said in his online posts.