Utah police officer Scott Elliott Russell kidnapped his family member at Thanksgiving episode “Paranoid”: Cops

A Utah police officer allegedly abducted a member of his own family on Thanksgiving Day, which police described as a “paranoid” episode that included an involuntary joyride, a gun, and abandoned buildings.

An unnamed relative told police that his nephew, Scott Elliott Russell, a senior officer in the South Jordanian police, had taken them to the family’s Thanksgiving dinner in Provo, Utah, but when the relative asked for a return, Russell refused to proceed on I-15. on the highway. Police did not disclose the identity of the relative.

Russell then “became more irrational and paranoid, taking the victim’s phone at one point and disabling it,” according to the arrest report, first reported by KUTV 2 local station. The relative knew the policeman had a gun, he complied with Russell’s demands. . Russell later denied taking the phone.

Russell and his relative left the highway and got out of the car. Russell then rolled down an embankment and threw his gun over a fence.

The arrest report reads as follows:[Russell] he claimed to have been set up, and he believed an unknown organization was actively watching him … he claimed again [he was] that individuals were watching and they wanted these people to openly drop their firearms so they knew it was no danger.

Russell and his relative walked to an abandoned building. After Russell went into one and left his relative in another, the relative walked onto the highway and was picked up by a driver advancing there and then taken to hospital for unspecified injuries.

Russell was arrested for serious kidnapping, serious assault, burglary, misconduct and interruption of a means of communication. He is detained in Juab County Prison and released to the South Jordanian police.