Vermont is on the high-risk list – NBC Boston

From Saturday, Massachusetts should be required to quarantine people arriving in the state from Vermont for two weeks, the Department of Public Health has announced.

Hawaii remains the only state Massachusetts considers to be a low enough risk to travel without quarantine.

The change will take effect on Saturday morning after midnight. Travelers who do not meet one of the exceptions must be quarantined for two weeks or must show a negative result to COVID-19 within three days of arriving in Massachusetts.

To be included on Massachusetts ’list of low-risk states, the state must expose less than 10 cases per 100,000 people per day.

Travelers from states not on the low-risk list must complete a Massachusetts travel form and be quarantined for 14 days according to state guidelines. This includes all those who come from one of the low-risk states but have “stayed for a longer period of time temporarily in the last 14 days” in a higher-risk state.

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There are a few exceptions, including people who go to higher-risk states just to commute or go to school. Here you can view the full order, which includes the exemptions.

Last week, New Hampshire and Maine were removed from the list of low-risk states, adding a quarantine requirement for travelers from those states. They have joined New York, Washington State, Washington DC, Connecticut, New Jersey and California since the states were removed from the list last month.

With the rise in coronavirus cases, Massachusetts has removed two nearby states from its lower-risk travel list.