VIEW: Deshaun Watson completes the memorable Thanksgiving game with a perfectly executed tricky game

Getty Images

Deshaun Watson did everything he could to entertain a nationwide television audience at the Texas Day of Thanksgiving against Lions. In the past two seasons, each Pro Bowler Watson has thrown more than 300 yards and four touchdowns when Houston took a 41-17 lead.

Watson ended his afternoon by perfectly performing a trick that spread the Texans advantage to 24 points and barely 10 minutes passed. In the first and tenth matches of the 34-yard line in Detroit, Watson, who was working from the rifle, passed the ball to Duke Johnson, who started running to the right before stopping and throwing the ball back to Watson. Watson threw the ball into the wide field without hesitation towards Will Fuller, who circled into the end zone for a second-quarter result.

Thursday was the sixth time this season that Watson threw at least 300 yards. Despite losing DeAndre Hopkins during the offseason, Watson is in the middle of another Pro Bowl-caliber season. Together with Thursday’s game, Hopkins threw 24 touchdowns and just five interceptions while completing about 69% of his passes. Watson’s success helped get the Texas people on track after the start of the season 1-6.

“I’d say this guy is amazing at how competitive he is during the game,” Lions coach Matt Patricia said of Watson leading up to Thursday’s match on The Detroit News. “No matter what, this guy always has the mentality of making a play for victory, and many times he does.”