Virginia Cavaliers-Florida State Seminoles football game postponed amid coronavirus problems

The Virginia-Florida state football game was postponed Saturday morning after coronavirus tests were positive and contact tracking quarantines were in place during the seminars – the match was postponed hours later in the second straight week hours before the start.

“Our team passed the trusted third party test yesterday and found out late last night that we got a positive test. A follow-up of this morning’s contact found that with waivers and injuries we only have 44 fellows for the game, with certain positions the groups are almost completely exhausted” – is in a statement by Florida State Sports Director David Coburn.

“We’re very sorry that a lot of Florida states and Virginia fans have already left for the match, as well as the Virginia team. We just didn’t know we weren’t going to play until this morning.

The state of Florida is still unsure whether to face a prince on Dec. 5, a source told ESPN.

The ACC protocols state that teams must be tested the day before the race. These tests are performed by an independent third party and the results are received on the same day or early the next day. After receiving these tests, both schools will call the ACC to apply to see if they are having fun continuing the game.

Virginia traveled to Tallahassee in anticipation of the game and is going to return to Charlottesville sometime on Saturday. Virginia delayed her trip to Tallahassee to get all test scores back from Friday’s tests to try to avoid a situation similar to last weekend’s Clemson-Florida state match. But given the position of the Florida state, it became clear that the game could not be played.

The Clemson-Florida state game was also postponed last Saturday after chief doctors at both schools could not agree on whether the game was safe – freeing a flood of criticism from Dabo Swinney, Clemson’s coach, who said the state of Florida should lose the game. In this case, Clemson traveled to Tallahassee with a player who eventually gave a positive result for the coronavirus.

Florida state coach Mike Norvell said last week that his team performed extremely well based on the protocols introduced by the program.

Currently, neither the Clemson-Florida State nor the Virginia-Florida State game has been rescheduled.

Also on Saturday, the game between Boise State and San Jose State was canceled due to the rising trend of COVID-19 cases and the search for contacts within the Boise State program at the Mountain West conference.