Voting for college vote could be a blow to Trump’s cunning to spoil the election US election 2020

Donald Trump could be hit hard on Monday by his increasingly hopeless efforts to overthrow the results of the U.S. presidential election when 538 members of the Electoral College cast their ballots and officially send Joe Biden to the White House.

According to the mysterious formula followed by America since the first election in 1789, Monday’s electoral college vote will be the official moment when Biden becomes the 46th president of the wait. Voters, including political celebrities like Bill and Hillary Clinton, are gathering across the country in state capitals to confirm the outcome of this significant competition.

Normally, the process is figurative and barely observable. This year, given Trump’s shaky appearance that windmills may decide to deny the will of the American people, this has real political significance.

Trump continued these quixotic efforts over the weekend and sparked political unrest in several cities, including the country’s capital. He’s on Sunday morning tweeted in every cap that it was “the most corrupt choice in U.S. history!”.

In an interview broadcast on Sunday, Fox & Friends insisted that its anti-democratic mission is not over yet. “We will continue and continue to move forward,” he said before repeating a lot of lies about the postponement of the election.

Trump’s naked untruths about winning key states, including Pennsylvania and Georgia, were completely questioned by Fox News interviewer Brian Kilmeade.

Any hopeless hopes that Trump could continue to hang in power were shattered on Friday when the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously and outright dismissed the Texas-led lawsuit to prevent Biden’s victory in four more states. In another case, a Wisconsin Supreme Court judge dismissed Trump’s lawsuit, seeking the annulment of 200,000 U.S. votes, saying it was “robbery.”

Despite the categorical rejection that Trump has suffered in dozens of cases, including before the nation’s Supreme Court, his unprecedented catch to the abolition of democratic norms continues to cause untold damage to the country, which could have long-term consequences. The Texas-led effort to overthrow the election results was backed by 126 Republicans in the House of Representatives – nearly two-thirds of the party’s conference – and 18 Republican state prosecutors.

Among broader voters, a recent poll by Quinnipiac University found that 77% of Republicans believe – erroneously – that there was widespread voter fraud in the November 3 election.

Another manifestation of the damage was the violence that erupted on Saturday night in several cities. In Washington DC, four people were stabbed and required hospital treatment, and 23 were arrested when far-right groups clashed with protesters after a so-called “Stop the Steal” march. he enthusiastically supported him wrote Trump.

Far-right militia groups mingled with Trump supporters and participated in the violence, including the white nationalist Proud Boys, who call themselves “Western chauvinists”. Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser who was pardoned by Trump for lying to the FBI, addressed the crowd, shouting, “We decide the election. We are fighting a battle in America.

Violence also erupted in the Olympics, the state capital of Washington state. One man was shot dead among heavily armed factions, Trump supporters and the Proud Boys faced opponents, and three people were arrested.

Video recording apparently showed that the shot was fired by a member of the Proud Boy and that the victim was a counter-protester, although the details remained sketchy.

In Georgia, a separate militia group, the Georgia Security Force III%, took part in a far-right demonstration of the state building on Saturday. The armed group helped organize caravans that intimidated local election officials into their homes and falsely claimed Biden’s victory was fraudulent.

Biden’s transitional team watched with growing alarm as a flood of violent incidents grew around Trump’s false claims about flawed elections. Louisiana Democrat Cedric Richmond, who has been appointed by Biden as the new director of the White House Public Engagement Office, said he was concerned about what was ahead of us during the holiday season.

“We are concerned about the violence,” Face the Nation told CBS News. “Where there is violence, it’s not a protest, it’s a violation of the law, so we’re worried about that.”

Asked if a majority of House Republicans had supported Trump’s frivolous lawsuit to prevent verification of election results, Richmond hinted that their resistance was more theatrical than real. – They recognize Joe Biden’s victory. This is just a small part of the Republican conference that reassures the president on the way out because they are afraid of his Twitter feed.

The extraordinary nature of Trump’s stubborn rejection was emphasized by Al Gore in an interview with the state of CNN on Sunday. Exactly 20 years ago, to this day, he acknowledged George W Bush’s bitter 2000 presidential race, saying, “This is America, we have put the country before a party – we will stand together behind our new president.”

Gore told CNN he hopes Monday’s voter college vote will be the start of a recovery. He called the lawsuit dismissed by the Supreme Court ridiculous and incomprehensible and despised Republicans who continued to cling to Trump in his “lost case”.

“I hope the election college will vote in the 50 states tomorrow, I hope that will be the point where some are hanging out on the ghost,” Gore said. “There are more important things than bowing to fear the demagogue.”