Walmart, Florida, was evacuated after a Black Friday parking fire

Walmart in Brooksville, Florida, opened a few minutes after the door opened on Black Friday after a semi-trailer fire caught fire in the store parking lot, police said.

According to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, the flame only started after 5 a.m. in a semi-trailer at the Cortez Boulevard store.

A sheriff’s office said a deputy already in the supermarket heard an explosion at the west end of the facility.

After hurrying to the scene and checking to see if there were people in the three-parking semi-trailers, the deputy was able to help the only passenger safely. The fire appeared to have started at one of the trailers and then spread to the two adjacent when firefighters arrived at the scene.

According to an update issued by the sheriff’s office at 8 a.m., the store, which was evacuated, was reopened after the fire crew was able to extinguish the flame.

No one was injured in the explosion and the ensuing fire. The sheriff’s office said he was still working to determine the cause.