Walmart PS5 Restock makes players angry as Sony console sells on Black Friday sales

The PlayStation 5 sold out at Walmart when the console was replenished before Thanksgiving.

Walmart released a limited number of PlayStation 5s the night before Thanksgiving, but as of the day of release, the consoles seemed to run out immediately.

Walmart says the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles will be available on its website on November 25 at 9 p.m. They were only available online, and on Thanksgiving Day, when Walmart is closed, they won’t be in stores on Black Friday either.

For players, this was the third opportunity to pick up the elusive consoles, following pre-orders in September and the earlier start date of the month. While some were lucky this time around, others sought out on social media to express their frustration with another omission.

Ben joked on Twitter that he had chosen a different way to get the console: “Why [does] everyone keeps telling Walmart from the PS5 that I put mine in the cart. “- with the image of a chariot containing a gun case, a ski mask and sneakers.

Another Twitter user shared Spider-Man’s “Noooo” meme, in which the hero tries to touch the clone of his girlfriend, Mary-Jane, when it turns into steam: “I tried to buy a PS5 at Walmart, but it was sold a second later …”

Some claimed they could put the PS5 in their cart, but found it out of stock before they could watch it.

With the speed of consoles consumed at Walmart, some gamers assume they were bought by reseller-mobilized robots trying to sell the PS5 at a profit. Others simply point to extremely high demand and limited inventory.

Players had a similar experience at GameStop, which made $ 854.99 packs available online on Tuesday. Some Twitter users who tried to buy from GameStop claimed that the console ran out as soon as it became available, while others had a problem trying to put it in their cart.

However, unfortunate players should not lose hope.

On Wednesday, PlayStation posted on Twitter: “We want to thank gamers everywhere that the PS5 was our biggest console demo to date.

“Demand for PS5 has never been seen, so we wanted to confirm that another PS5 set will arrive at retailers before the end of the year – please stay in touch with local retailers.”

Newsweek contacted Walmart for comment.

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Sony’s PlayStation 5. The console sold out at Walmart after being charged on November 25th.
Charly Triballeau / Getty