Walmart, Target and Best Buy are closed on Thanksgiving Day. Here you can get Black Friday deals online

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While Black Friday it used to mean “big sales the day after Thanksgiving”, nowadays it means “any good deal in November”. This is more true this year than ever before, with Black Friday sales already happening at Best Buy, Target and (of course) Amazon. Plus, the big sale of Walmart has already started.

What about those who would rather buy in a brick-and-mortar store? To be obvious, this is the worst year I’ve done this COVID-19 cases spreading like wildfire: It is especially important to stay away from stores as cases continue to grow in the United States, averaging more than 173,000 cases a day per day over the past week. And while many stores will still be open this Black Friday – Friday, November 27th – some of the biggest stores Walmart and Target will stay closed on the night of Thanksgiving.

Here are the offers you can buy online at any time, including Thanksgiving Day.

Walmart’s big online sales began on Wednesday, November 25th. The retailer promised to take stock of the new Switch package at the time, along with the PS5 and the new Xbox Series X. More Walmart Black Friday offers.

When do stores open on Black Friday?

Again, we strongly recommend that you purchase everything online this year. But a good exception to this is the roadside shot that most of these stores offer. To do this, here are the Black Friday national hours. Please note that the opening hours of individual stores may vary by state and region.

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