Warm seat heats up for Bears coach Matt Nagy after humiliating the 41-25 defeat against the Packers

GREEN BAY, Wis. – As the losses accumulate and the Bears get further and further away from the odds, the excitement of Coach Matt Matt’s debut season will be forgotten. The team has since plummeted, with one of the NFL’s most serious offenses and causing minimal hope.

Their latest humiliation took place in the most painful way possible: the Packers suffered a thoroughly devastating and decisive defeat in the Lambeau Field. This is their fifth consecutive defeat and they will be off the playoffs in December after the second season.

The Packers have been sniffing out Bears coaches for years, and Big has to wonder if he’s coming next. He will certainly get the rest of the season, but the case goes beyond that. Such a game has to worry a lot about its work.

“No, I’m not,” he said.

A lot of people though.

Asked to protect where the Bears are right now, Great returned to a shabby monologue about cohesion. You’re right to think so, but that doesn’t change anything about how long the Bears have fallen.

“We understand where we’re going and when you have games like that, you have to find a soul,” he said. – You must be able to stop the bleeding. There are some directions you can go.

“But as a leader, my job is to make sure they understand that. Obviously, the last five weeks have been extremely difficult. Not fun. We all want to win. But the only reason I’m here is to fight and lead, and that’s what I think is most important in these times. When you go through these times, how do you react? I think this is a test of true character. “

It seemed like the most bitter game of the Great Age with the Bears as he tried to overcome the longest series of losses in his career and keep them above 500. The Bears would actually have overtaken the Cardinals by one win for the seventh playoff.

He returned to Mitch Trubisky, who was his original choice as the starting quarterback this season, and the offensive came to life with David Montgomery’s 57-yard lead in his first possession.

For a fleeting moment, the Bears were an exciting crime – it was for this creation that the organization hired Nagy. They quickly got into the same bad habits – no running game, mindless penalties, Trubisky’s catastrophic traffic – and the game was available late at the end of the second quarter, giving the Packers a 27-3 advantage.

By the end of the third, they ran 41-10, and that was it. Anything the Bears did after that had no consequences. They don’t get an award because they technically turned into a two-goal game, hitting the third-highest point of the season. Anyway, the league average this season is 25 points per team and per game.

“They got the whole match after us, from the first quarter to the end,” Nagy said. – Basically we’re there right now.

The only good thing about Sunday was that America had to sit through the Bears game for the last time on a national broadcast this season.

His big insult, with offensive coordinator Bill Lazor, who called the game for the second game, fell flat, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. It was a complete collapse of the Bears, as their defense, which was the only way to keep them on their feet, withered against Aaron Rodgers. The Packers took their first three full possessions and gave another touchdown when Trubisky groped at his own 11-yard line.

If Big doesn’t have a safety net for elite defense, they won’t shoot.

In the last two seasons combined, the Bears had their second lowest points and total yards in the NFL until Sunday. They averaged the third least yard per carry and the sixth worst pass value. Only two teams were worse on the third slope.

Great has excellent leadership qualities, but how can any attacking guru keep his job with these numbers?

The number in favor of the Great has always been a record that has dropped significantly since it reached 12-4 and won the NFC North in 2018. The Packers’ podium dropped to 25-18.

This includes a score of 5-0 against the Lions team that can’t beat anyone, plus seven wins when their team scored less than 20 points. Marc Trestman would have won if he had been given this protection.

Lately, there have been many more Club Flubs than Club Dub. It takes a minute to recall that the Bears last won a match. It was their most slippery victory of the season, a flawed 23-16 run 42 days ago against the Panthers.

This mess isn’t entirely a big mistake, as CEO Ryan Pace is working on a completely mismanaged list. He hoped it would just be a Big Column.

His coach tried to build the engine with bike spare parts.

There is no offensive line and no defender. And worst of all, there are no plans to fix it. Nick Foles has contracted for two more seasons, with pay capping concerns preventing them from completely redesigning the o-line, and they’ll easily see game makers when Allen Robinson acts as a broad-based free agency.

Pace wears more in error than Big. He did an exceptional job of developing one of the NFL’s best defenses, but he completely underestimated it if he misjudged the crime. The Bears are by no means able to rationalize, letting them try to rebuild the crime again, and Pace’s kick-off will probably be the end for Great as well.

He had come to Pace ever since he was rolling on the draft on Trubisky and letting Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes land elsewhere.

Remember when the Bears went 8-8 last season and the whole town was angry about it? It was their second best record of Pace’s six-year leadership position.

During his tenure, the Bears are 39-52 – worse than the Dolphins and Riders; he was barely ahead of Washington and the Lions.

This kind of mess requires deep cleansing, and it will be hard for Big to avoid being swept away.