Warriors clearly hold practice and games in SF despite staying at their new home

The Warriors could move forward with training camp and NBA game plans at the Chase Center, despite the Bay-Area regional home order announced on Friday, including in San Francisco on Monday at 12:01 p.m.

According to Dr. Tomas Aragon, a San Francisco City and County Health Officer, professional and college sports teams must “have an approved plan before they can practice or play”. The Warriors, whose audience officials rejected a proposal to return viewers to the games, submitted another plan to hosts of the practices and games without a live audience.

This plan was approved according to a league source, mainly based on the team’s daily coronavirus testing protocol for players and other employees.

Friday’s news marked the day Governor Gavin Newsom announced nationwide home orders tied to available ICU beds, and less than a week after Santa Clara County tightened its policies. This move included a ban on professional and university teams involved in contact sports, such as football and basketball, holding practice and games in the county.

These restrictions prompted the 49s to move to Glendale, Arizona, for at least the next three weeks, including two “home” games. Stanford’s football team moved to Seattle before Saturday’s game against Washington, and the Cardinal men’s and women’s basketball teams temporarily moved to North Carolina and Las Vegas.

The Warriors are aware of the plight of the 49s, but have no contingency plans, a league source said, insisting they “play the optimistic season in San Francisco”.

The Warriors began their individual training sessions this week and plan to hold their first full-team training session on Monday. Their season is scheduled to begin Dec. 22 in Brooklyn.

Golden State will play seven home games against Portland in 12 days starting January 1st.

Ron Kroichick is a fellow at the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @ronkroichick