Weekly horoscopes for the week of December 14th by Cutting

Sinead O’Connor, an Sagittarius.
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On Monday, there will be an eclipse in the adventurous Sagittarius, signaling the moment of charged potential. You may feel overwhelmed by a restless sense of independence – you may desire movement, change, knowledge. On Tuesday, the love planet Venus moves to Sagittarius, and the same restless desire for knowledge and change can bubble in close relationships.

On Wednesday night, Saturn, the planet of borders and discipline, will finally end its time in a pragmatic Capricorn and move to an idealistic Aquarius. On Saturday, Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth, will also move from Capricorn to Aquarius. The entry of these two planets into Aquarius heralds a period of evolution, ingenious thinking, beautiful rebellion for the next few years – Jupiter will be here until next December, and Saturn will not leave until March 2023.

It’s exciting to live according to your instincts — to be sure of yourself and your power to make big, courageous decisions without permission. But it can be difficult to live like this for long. No matter how bold the spirit, no matter how pure his heart is, everyday life is usually filled with the difficulty of routine, the dullness of repetition, anxiety, and doubt. This week, though, you can shake all the cobwebs out of your head. You can believe the beginnings again this week. You can rediscover the belief in yourself that you lacked.

Change is always at least a little overwhelming, even if you know in your heart that it is good and necessary. Even if you worked for something you crave, your body still strains, longing for the comfort of habit, the ease of familiarity. This week, however, this year’s wild movement could bring relief. You can relax in it; the change will feel natural and right. And even as you prepare to move on, you will remember all the things you still take with you and that you will never lose.

It’s a week when you can tell yourself that the world is not over – though it’s hard to believe when there’s so much evidence of loss and decay around you. True, there are endings everywhere, but so many new doors are opening. Now, the change that has not been possible for a very long time has become possible again. Others may say we have reached the end, but not yet. It’s a beginning – wild and weird, but just the same.

This year, in many ways, your world has become smaller. Maybe it covers less terrain every day than before, maybe you see fewer people, maybe the possibility of excitement and surprise decreases every day. But this week will remind you that this will not be the case forever. Your world has shrunk, but it is expanding again. You can really believe that there are still good things this week. Try not to be afraid of the unknown future: The sweets are still there and waiting.

Sweetness lies in your desire for what is not yet there, but there is also loneliness. It’s hard to face the distance between yourself and the things you want best. He feels his desires so deeply; he loves the world and the people who live in it with a fire that seems too hot. But this week can remind you that it’s not just you who are so intense and so alone. This week, you may be surprised at the renewed sense of camaraderie that you are not alone in this world.

You’ve spent so much time in the last few months thinking about all of your past. It makes sense to turn back in time: the present was flat and the future is uncertain, but the past remains dense, with untapped meaning. This week, however, you may feel again attracting your attention to the future. This week, you may realize that your life is not over yet, that your personality has not withered into anything. Interest, beauty and meaning are yet to come. You can think not only of your past, but also of your future self.

Sometimes you can convince yourself that respecting your own feelings, rhythms, and needs is selfish and defenseless. You can convince yourself that you are not special at all and that the best way to live is to surpass everyone else’s feelings on your own. But that’s not true, and it’s a week to remind yourself of that. It’s a week to stand up for yourself. You don’t have to do a big deal for it – you just have to trust the fire in your heart.

In a world based on many lies, you may feel a sacred duty to reject all illusions. You can feel your supreme vocation, if you refuse every easy answer and every sugar coating, you give up even the slightest deception. But it is also necessary this week not to fall into harsh cynicism. It is necessary that you do not let your sweetness, hope, imagination fade away. No matter how bad things are and have been, someday there will be others. It’s a week to remember that dreams hold their own truth.

You’ve been working on the ground for so long. And for so long, he felt like he didn’t have much to show. Finally, everything can change this week. Maybe your perspective suddenly expands – you can finally see how far you’ve traveled, how much you’ve achieved, how much you’ve grown. All your work, all the risks you took, all your care: everything was necessary and understood. And this week can finally bring you the recognition, the recognition you need.

This week we need to think about the methods you have already proven, all the hills you have climbed yourself and all the monsters you have stood down. You often don’t give yourself enough credit; it’s easier to focus on all that’s left, all the work, and all the magic that awaits you in the future. You know better than anyone that you haven’t finished yet. But it’s important to celebrate the victories this week. It is important to note how hard you worked.

Your life has been spent learning to adapt to constraints. You have spent so much of your life learning to work indefinitely, to live boldly despite the world stifling real creativity, real freedom and real opportunities. This week, however, it’s valuable not to think about how you’re going to adapt to every hurdle, but how you could break down some of them. It is worth noting that perhaps work within lines is no longer enough; perhaps true freedom is the only thing worth striving for.

This week, you can feel increased energy in the air around you. You can have an unmistakable feeling that things are happening, the universe is moving, things can’t and can’t go on like this. It’s very easy to confuse this feeling with danger – but while change is so often dangerous, it’s not the same. Sometimes this kind of heightened energy is a sign of magic, a sign of strength, a sign that you are entering your own. Sometimes instability in the air means there is a chance that everything will start to improve.

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