“We’re not really worried about feelings”

During his 10-year career, Dan Bailey has helped many teams win matches. He almost lost one leg for the Vikings on Sunday.

And it can cost you your job.

Minnesota coach Mike Zimmer was understandably shocked after Bailey missed four kicks, including three field goals, for a 26-14 loss to the Buccaneers.

– I’m very disappointed Zimmer told reporters, on the Star Tribune. “I really believe in it, I trust it very much, but the last two weeks have not been good.”

A week ago, Bailey scored a 23-yard field goal in extra time against the Jaguars. But it only happened after he forced an extra period by omitting three more kicks, two of which were extra points.

After Bailey’s latest bad day at the office, Zimmer said he still has to decide if this is the last one in Minnesota. Bailey was unable to make contact with the 36, 54 and 46-meter kicks while also missing from the early PAT. After a second touch from the Vikings, he decided to make a two-point attempt, leaving Bailey to score in the afternoon.

He equalized the omissions for the 14th week and exceeded last year’s total (27/29). However, separation from the former Pro Bowler will obviously not be an emotional call.

“At this point, we’re not really worried about feelings anymore,” Zimmer said.

The intensity of the situation was increased by the cost of the December loss. The Vikings (6-7) slipped back from season start 1-5 to .500 and seventh in the NFC. They are now in eighth place.

Zimmer, perhaps considering the Vikes ’team-wide inconsistency throughout the season, closed his post-game press conference by stepping into his kick’s defense. We’ll find out soon, this is Bailey’s last grace.

“If you guys want me to fire guys because I made a mistake here or there, we wouldn’t have players,” Zimmer said. – Don’t put this all on Dan Bailey.