“We’ve gone through a point where many Republicans’ distrust of the system is suppressing the vote

President Trump’s efforts to undermine the results of the November election in Georgia are “absolutely” damaging to Republicans in the two U.S. Senate run-down races there, a state election official said Monday. “We’ve moved to a turning point where … there may be Republicans who have no confidence in the outcome of the system at all and say,‘ Why bother with voting, ’” said Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s implementation manager for the voting system, Yahoo News said.

Video transcript

GABRIEL STERLING: Undermining the system, be it Stacey Abrams or Donald Trump’s team two years ago today, we cannot take it without evidence. There must be evidence.


Many Republicans are right at the moment that they don’t trust the outcome of the system, which is never a good thing if you are one of the two Republican senators or Republican PBB members who are leaving now. And then maybe you have a man like Lin Wood saying that if senators don’t do more, I won’t vote in senate elections if they don’t give more to the president. So I think at this point we’ve somehow crossed a point where we’re going to look at issues where there will be Republicans who don’t trust the outcome of the system at all, and why we need a vote, which of course makes no sense, because if I don’t vote at all. increases the likelihood that whoever does not want to win will win.

This is the safest choice we’ve probably seen in Georgia in 20 years because we have the paper ballot. Every person has voter objects that we didn’t have with us for a very long time. So I hope that through our transparency, we will continue to answer all questions, through our work with the counties, and as we become as open and clear as possible, that this system is fair, legal and protects all people. vote, regardless of party, regardless of zip code, that their votes count.

Now I am worried that this will ultimately suppress the vote? Absolutely. And we will fight every day for people to understand that this was a fair vote. The system does its job. The people involved in the system are honest who do their job. Whether you are on the left or the right, you can question fundamental fairness at any time, without real evidence that there is a question, undermining the confidence of your voters and everyone else.

They all buy into each other. And as I said before, I think if in this state 12 thousand votes would have been reversed, everyone who says let me follow the law, the system worked, the result is correct, and everyone who says it was stolen with problems and problems cheated, these roles would have been reversed. And we live in this reality now, which is not a good reality for any of us in any state.