What about the mysterious shiny monolith found in the Utah desert?

SÓTÓ CITY – Federal farmers will not continue the investigation when a mysterious monolith buried in the ground in a remote red rock area of ​​San Juan County.

The Office of Land Management wants to know who put it there, how the glossy structure arrived for its purpose, and why someone would get in trouble.

“It has definitely become viral and is getting international and national attention,” said BLM spokesman Kimberly Finch.

“Although we cannot comment on active surveys, the Office of Land Management reminds visitors to public spaces that the unauthorized use, occupation or development of public spaces or their resources is illegal, regardless of the planet. ”The agency said in a statement.

Satellite images show that the tall, triangular structure was placed in public space sometime between August 2015 and October 2016.

The monolith was spotted on Nov. 18 in southeastern Utah during an aerial survey of big-horned sheep conducted by the Utah Public Safety Bureau and the Utah Wildlife Resources Department.

Crew members noticed the unusual object and landed nearby to get to know it better. The three-sided stainless steel object was found to be about as tall as two men.

The monolith is similar to the monolith that appeared in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 film “Odyssey of Space”.

“This thing is not from another world,” said Uta Street Street Utah Department of Public Security.

Yet it is obvious that some planning and work was required to build the 10-12 foot monolith and embed it in the rock.

Officials do not reveal the exact location of the monolith because it is in such a remote area and it is a concern that visitors are stranded and need rescue.

Anyone who knows the location of the monolith is encouraged to refrain from visiting because of the dangerous road conditions.

Contributed by: Associated Press

This November 18 photo, provided by the Utah Department of Public Security, shows a Utah state worker investigating a metal monolith found in the ground in a remote part of Utah’s red rock. The exact location is so remote that officials don’t publish it publicly, fearing people may get lost or trying to get stuck and need to be rescued.
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