What comes next after Gus Malzahn and what awaits Auburn after the Tigers fired the coach

Here’s a weird twist from the highest-level kick ever: Gus Malzahn has now become one of the hottest coach candidates in the country. The game didn’t miss an effective, smart, veteran, great SEC head coach when Malzahn was fired on Sunday. Alabama did. And doesn’t that end up getting all Auburn coaches?

In this case, it must have been particularly shocking that Nick Saban had completely transformed his offensive philosophy, yet Malzahn was unable to take Auburne to the next level. Still, there was no disgrace on Sunday, a three-year, $ 49 million deal. Gus woke up every morning in Auburn every morning for eight years with a reality that would always be on the plains: playing in the shadow of Alabama.

Malzahn was good. Just not Auburn is good.

Whatever your next job – Arizona should be calling right now – this personal torture will end in his professional life. Auburn’s expectation was oversized – and will continue to be over. The man beat Saban three times. When Hugh Freeze gets the job, Gust is replaced by a coach who beat Nick twice.

Auburn, oh, only costs $ 40 million to buy Malzahn and hire new staff. But that’s life in the SEC – and in college football – even in the middle of COVID-19. What the still-going silly season has taught us is that the huge financial losses won’t affect the industrial machine of college football.

At least not in Auburn, Illinois, Arizona, South Carolina and more likely to come.

Malzahn gets a fresh start. You can cool off for a year or two, watch TV if you want. However, his coaching chords fit well in Pac-12 for a program like Arizona if you choose. The man has fundamentally refined and perfected the modern run-pass option. This still-evolving RPO game helped defeat Bama in the 2013 Kick Six game.

Malzahn continues to believe in the running game and physical defense. Half of the programs taking place in the country can come from this philosophy. The man won a national championship as coordinator and played for another as head coach while winning the SEC West twice.

Meanwhile, Auburn resumes Malzahn’s release.

No matter who you employ, the program certainly won’t get out of the shadows of Alabama. Even when Tommy Tuberville won six Iron Bowls in a row, Auburn was the second best program in the state. That can never change. This may be the most dominant Alabama team of the Saban era. Experience all this with Alabama success, traditions and talent.

Athletic directors everywhere lack patience. They really lack patience at Auburn. Ask Gene Chizik, who was shown the door two years after winning the national championship. Ask Gust, who went a respectable 3-5 against Alabama. Coolly, Chizik hasn’t been a head coach since. Malzahn should not be done at age 55.

It wasn’t enough for Malzahn to have a place that looks at Bama and constantly sees what it can be.

Freeze, the younger, more outgoing, similarly performing version of the pure cutting edge, Malzahn. If the planets align with each other, a business must be established quickly. Both coaches employ super agent, Jimmy Sexton.

The irony of irony, Freeze, led Liberty to Auburn defender Malik Willis ’best season to date. Malzahn couldn’t (enough) win with five-star Bo Nix. They reflect each other in many ways – defenders who have had success against Saban. Malzahn replaced Freeze in Arkansas in 2012 after Freeze left Ole Miss.

Freeze paid his remorse. While his name was not on Ole Miss’s NCAA public violation report, Freeze, who was in charge of the program, suffered a two-year bowl ban due to recruitment and academic violations. He resigned from Ole Miss after the university discovered that a phone issued by a program had been used for escort services.

No matter how severe Freeze’s personal and professional failures may be, Ole Miss has not had a winning season since leading the Rebels in 2015 (10–3). Although failures. Ole Miss’s three-year NCAA probation ended 13 days ago.

Liberty was one of the few FBS programs to hire Freeze after all the turmoil. Keeping his nose clean, he walked through the car wash grinding his career. CBS Sports reported that a possible return to the SEC was already being considered during the conference when it was of interest to South Carolina. The road to Freeze’s triumphant return to the league seems clear.

Keep in mind that for a while, Freeze was radioactive for many ADs.

It is clear that Malzahn endured the reception of the tigers. Unable to develop the defenders, which became a major drawback. Nick Marshall hasn’t really been a differentiator in the post since. That was six years ago.

Nix’s development – or lack thereof – after two seasons is perhaps the last straw. This is another problem now.

It’s time for Freeze to get a second chance.

That’s not to say that Malzahn didn’t do his best chance at hellish work.