What DawgNation needs to know

It’s always a great day for Georgia when the Bulldogs win and the Gators lose.

This happened for the second time in a season on the same Saturday. Bulldogs No. 9 soon watched the deal against Missouri’s No. 25 tigers, while No. 6 gators suffered a nervous defeat against the unrated LSU in the evening TV window.

Lots more happened on Saturday around the SEC. Consider this with our weekly newsletter on everything the SEC does. It only served the appetite of the discriminatory Georgia reader.

These weekly scores

No. 1 Alabama 52, Arkansas 3
Tennessee 42, Vanderbilt 17
LSU 37, No. 6 Florida 34
Auburn 24, Mississippi 10
Texas A&M, Ole Miss PPD

What does all this mean for Georgia? Here’s everything DawgNation needs to know:

Opponent of the following game:
Vanderbilt (0-9)

How they prospered: The Commodores scored points for the first time in three weeks, but Vanderbilt’s defense allowed at least 38 points for the fourth straight match with a 42-17 defeat.

What Vanderbilt did well: Defender Ken Seals was able to hit three different bets for the 20-plus-yard games. He also found two other pass catchers for bets of at least 16 yards.

What Vanderbilt did not do well: Still, Seals averaged just 6.1 yards per pass, and Vanderbilt accumulated less than 2.0 yards per barrel. Meanwhile, Tennessee scored 540 yards and 24 first downs.

The big stat lines are: Amir Abdur-Rahman took the three bets over 69 yards with a 46-yard catch to lead Vanderbilt in the bet.

DawgNation Outlook: It is never a good idea to consider an SEC opponent. Just ask Florida. But the Bulldogs should easily throw out the undefeated Commodores in the regular season final next week.

Previous schedule:

Arkansas (Week 1 Win): The Razorbacks scored the Purple Tide with a field goal in the middle of the first quarter, but from there they all moved downhill. Arkansas saw Alabama win 493-188 on them, 443-188.

Auburn (2nd week victory): Reversible Tank Bigsby ran 192 yards to lead the Tigers to a 24-10 victory over the state of Mississippi. Bigsby accumulated nearly 56 percent of Auburn’s offensive yards in the win.

Tennessee (Week 3 Wins): Defender Harrison Bailey passed an average of 11.5 yards per pass with two touchdowns, while volunteers attacked the ground and rushed 212 yards, all leading to 42 points in the season against Vanderbilt.

Alabama (4th week loss): After a slow start, Crimson Tide scored 49 unanswered points to move the Razorbacks 52-3. DeVonta Smith gave a spark at the end of the first quarter with an 84-yard punt return for the touchdown.

Kentucky (Week 6 Wins): Goodbye seven

Florida (7th week loss): Oh, boy. Where should I start. Despite 609 yards, the Gators scored just 34 points for multiple errors, including three gifts, traffic from relapses at the LSU 1-yard line, and six penalties. The most important foul occurred after a third defensive stop, in less than two minutes, with steady play. The penalty led to a LSU field goal that won the game.

Mississippi State (Week 9 Victory): Mike Leach’s insult is nothing like when the state of Mississippi upset LSU with the start of the season. The state of Mississippi collected just 240 yards while selling two gifts and advanced to 4-16 in third place due to a 14-point loss against Auburn.

South Carolina (Week 10 Wins): Goodbye seven.

The rest of the SEC:

TEXAS A&M: Goodbye because of COVID-19.

LSU: The Tigers upset the Gators in the swamp behind three-year-old quarterback Max Johnson with three touchdown passes and a pick-six, despite losing the yardage battle, 609-418. LSU kicker Cade York won a 57-yard field goal in a 23-second disadvantage.

OLE MISS: Goodbye because of COVID-19.