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What North Korea's persistent cyber attacks are about potential future Trump issues

THEIn the midst of many unsuccessful Hanoi summits, there has been a lot of speculation about what will be the next step with the United States efforts to break down nuclear power on the Korean Peninsula. Almost all reports focus solely on limiting nuclear weapons. There is a good reason for this. Nuclear weapons are by far the most dangerous threat to Kim Jong Un's system. However, taking into account other North Korean capacities, especially computer attacks, is an important lesson for the future of US-North Korea relations.

Since the US talks with North Korea began after the Trump and Kim Summit in Singapore in June 2018, North Korea persistently fought against the US and allied companies, even if there were limited nuclear investigations. Indeed, even if Trump met Kim in Hanoi, North Korea continued to bomb the attacks in the United States.

So what can we learn about this?

Firstly, North Korea might be interested in the economic benefits of sanctioning and reduction of sanctions, as it has other weapons, including computer and chemical weapons, that serve the interests of the system, including funds, domestic propaganda, and limit the influence of other states on the domestic market. affairs.

This reality also means that Washington might reach Pyongyang and will probably not eliminate North Korean capabilities to launch or threaten attacks on the United States and its allies. While this excludes the idea that Trump and its consultants can close the big business, it does not mean that the United States cannot make real progress in limiting its ability to launch a North Korean nuclear attack.

Secondly, the ongoing computer struggle means that North Korea is still clearly an enemy for the good optics of handshakes and smiles. Washington should be cautious not to promise close diplomatic relations as a reward for talks with Kim's negotiators or in the United States to negotiate with voters.

Finally, despite the fight against nuclear weapons, the continued use of cybercrime means that the agreement on the control of nuclear weapons should be seen as a step in the future. This means that Trump should not enter into an agreement with Kim alone about personal arrangements. The President, who begins to begin, necessarily goes well beyond his years of office.

After the unsuccessful summit, which hopefully moved forward after re-establishing expectations and verifying reality, the Trump administration should not be disrupted by attempts to capture nuclear weapons that ignore other North Korean weapons such as cyberwarfare or even traditional attacks. . Unfortunately, this seems to be the case since Trump canceled planned military exercises with South Korea over the weekend.

The nuclear deal with North Korea would be great, and Trump should continue to be a priority, but it should be clear that there would be no panacea for the United States and should not talk about it. After all, the agreement on dumping has never meant to bring about a wholesale change in North Korea. It simply meant to eliminate the country's most serious threat.

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