What will happen to Trump’s legal challenges once the Biden transition officially begins?

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Why is the guard group bothered by Foreign Minister Biden

The election of President-elect Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, was “known for its unhindered ethics,” according to an earlier report by The American Prospect. That may be true, but because of the time the Obama administration has spent since the end, some critics have thought about its selection. In a July report, TAP spotlighted the strategic consulting firm WestExec Advisers, whose founding partners Blinken and Michele Fourney were favorites for Pentagon leadership in the Biden administration. The company is involved in a number of industries, including: technical, financial services, aerospace, defense and pharmaceuticals. But it is not entirely clear who each customer is, as a company not registered for the lobby does not have to disclose them. The lack of transparency is a concern among some observers, who are concerned that Biden or any administration is too shrouded in the interests of global companies, TAP reported. Danielle Brian, Managing Director of the Project The Government Oversight nonprofit oversight group told The New York Times that “these types of consulting businesses like WestExec take advantage of current laws, so there is no transparency in their clients and in how they try. influence public policy. Exactly the kind of person who shouldn’t be in administration. ”There’s likely to be some clarity, as Blinken, as a political appointee, has to disclose clients who have previously paid at least $ 5,000 for his services. year. Learn more about WestExec consultants at The American Prospect. > Federal policy appointments are required to disclose clients who have paid at least $ 5,000 for their services in the past year. So Blinken’s financial disclosure may provide a rare insight into this type of advisory client: https://t.co/QqfICsYpx4 >> – Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) November 23, 2020 More news from theweek.com According to the news, the Secret service is being prepared for Trump’s “post-presidential life,” Biden steals the spotlight. Trump can’t stand it. I was wrong about Mitt Romney