When can we see the impact of Thanksgiving on COVID-19 cases in Florida?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There have been an increase of 17,344 COVID-19 cases in Florida in the past two days, and the state could reach one million cases by Monday.

But what happened on Thanksgiving is not included in these numbers.

According to Dr. Mohammed Reza, an expert on infectious diseases, at Christmas we will see how widespread the virus is.

“Everything we did this weekend won’t show up today or tomorrow,” Dr. Reza said. “It’s about three or four weeks when we have to watch.”

The Regency Square Mall COVID-19 test site reopened on Friday after it was closed for Thanksgiving.

People tested on site told News4Jax they had to wait about an hour for testing, and the lines were not nearly as long in the days before Thanksgiving.

The epidemic did not deter people from holiday travel, and some were not interested in pre-testing to see if family visits were wise.

According to Dr. Reza, this holiday will reveal another thousand cases in the coming weeks.

“It’s worrying that all these people were traveling, and like I said before, it’s a tricky virus. You are asymptomatic, meaning you have no symptoms for 72 hours and you are quite contagious with this virus, so you infect your loved ones (and) they don’t even know you have the virus, ”he said.

Reza suggested that those who have left the city and want to test themselves should wait about five to seven days after exposure to have greater positivity. During this time, he says he should be quarantined, even if he knows that a family member has had a positive result after the holiday.

We asked News4Jax viewers if they plan to test themselves after the holiday trip.

While some said they traveled, got together with the family and won’t be tested, others said they stayed home with the family and only show up if they have symptoms.

Dr. Reza said in both directions we need to pay attention to the spread of the virus.

“It’s worrying that the numbers really show we’re going back to the second peak in Covid, and it could be worse than all the peaks that show data for the winter, the cooler months to come,” he said.

According to Dr. Reza, even though not everyone will get sick from the virus, or even have symptoms, 1-2 percent of people get sick and end up dying as a result.

He stressed the importance of wearing the masks and practicing social isolation to follow the guidelines of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control before the next holiday.

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