When will you receive COVID? NYT shows its place in the queue

As the FDA is considering allowing the emergency use of COVID-19 vaccines, the New York Times on Thursday released a calculator that showed Americans where they stand in line after a vaccine has been approved.

Developed using the Surgo Foundation and Ariadne Labs vaccine, the calculator works by giving you your age, location, job and health status to get you into place after COVID-19 is approved.

For example, healthcare workers, regardless of age, location, or health status, are about to be vaccinated. Towards the end of the line, there are younger, healthier Americans.

Meanwhile, the majority of Alabamians are not expected to receive the vaccine until June, says state health officer Dr. Scott Harris.

“There’s not enough (from the vaccine) right now, and we hope people can be patient,” he said. – There is only so much demand right now.

Two vaccines – one manufactured by Pfizer and BioNTech and the other by Moderna – have applied to the FDA for emergency permits, which will accelerate vaccines to market. The efficacy rate for the Pfizer-sponsored vaccine is 95 percent, while the Moderna vaccine is 94 percent.

To find out your location in the queue, click here.