While Trump is voting on the votes, none of his election security officials support him

While the president continues to deny the lost reality, his intelligence chief is now saying Trump’s allegedly rejected allegations of voter fraud will be accepted and confirmed by foreign opponents.

Their goal is to “undermine public confidence in our democratic processes,” John Ratcliffe, director of national intelligence, said in an interview with CBS News and declined which countries to say.

Ratcliffe is a fierce Trump loyalist accused of politicizing intelligence to launch Trump’s attacks on the Russian investigation. In the interview, he was able to rethink his own thoughts on fraud claims, arguing that these are not intelligence matters but rather concerns for domestic law enforcement.

On this line, Attorney General Bar Barr on Tuesday thwarted Trump by saying the Department of Justice found no evidence of widespread fraud. This provided cover for FBI Director Chris Wray, who had been silent since the election, from Trump, who had previously insulted Wray for his election-related statements and was thought to be considering dismissing him.

One election security official went too far for Trump: after the Department of Homeland Security’s cyber defense agency The safest in U.S. history, its director, Chris Krebs, was fired on Twitter for what Trump called a “extremely inaccurate” statement.

“For me, that’s perfectly clear, and I think most Americans,” Krebs said in a statement to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Friday, “that the election is over.

“We have an elected president in Joe Biden and we need to move forward,” Krebs said. “We need to go beyond that. Damage to confidence in the U.S. election – I hope we don’t have a return point, but we’ll have a lot of work to do to restore that confidence.”

He was shot on November 17th two weeks after the election, the culmination of the demands of the President and his supporters on behalf of Krebs and the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency. CISA continued to hold back Krebs’s dismissal, and two more posts this week on the “Rumor Control” page disputed allegations of ballot destruction and manipulation of voting systems.

“We are constantly releasing Gossip Control entries as we believe the situation justifies it and where we can really make an impact,” CISA’s new acting director, Brandon Wales, said ‘until the end of this cycle’ on Thursday.

“Misunderstanding” and “insult”

Some of the administration officials with whom Krebs worked most closely in the election were more courageous in formulating the president than others.

Commissioner Ben Hovland, the Electoral Aid Commission, called Trump’s allegations “incomprehensible” and “offensive”.

After Trump claimed that the voting machines had changed and canceled the votes, the EAC, which is testing the voting systems, issued a statement on Thursday saying it was “trusting the state and local election administrators conducting the 2020 elections and voting systems certified. By the EAC. “

The country’s top reconnaissance official said Wednesday he was concerned about post-election conspiracy theories, calling the election “the fundamental foundation on which we are able to live in an amazing democracy.”

Bill Evanina, who briefed both Trump and Biden on election threats, told the Aspen Cyber ​​Summit panel that he was proud of the “unprecedented” collaboration between federal agencies, tech and social media companies that prevented foreign attacks. .

Rampant conspiracies

Among the conspiracies raging after the election was one that claimed the CIA supercomputer had changed its votes. Another – urged by Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert – was that the U.S. military raided the German office of a software company and seized a server that cast votes for Trump.

Election intelligence officers, including the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber ​​Command General Paul Nakasone, are unlikely to speak directly about the president’s ongoing false allegations, given the sensitivity of their position and the focus on foreign threats. . But in the intelligence community, there is only praise for the smoothness of things.

Krebs, while head of a domestic agency, played a more direct role in areas where the president advocated conspiracy theories and became a more visible spokesman for election security than most of his national security colleagues.

He and others have rejected the “entry” of election workers across the country, who are now facing a death threat, on charges that Trump has fraudulent the election.

This week, one of Trump’s campaign lawyers said Krebs should be “drawn and quartered” for his remarks and “taken out and shot at dawn.”

When asked if Evanina, as a civil servant for decades, said, “I’m just embarrassed.”

“I think that’s completely wrong and frustrating for me as an American,” he said. People working in the elections added, “they need to be able to do this with safety and security and not suffer because a party has lost, a party has won.”