White House leader Alyssa Farah, the director, resigns weeks before the Trump administration ends

The Washington Post first reported Farah’s departure.

In his resignation letter, Farah celebrated a number of Trump government political priorities, including the fight against ISIS, the mediation of peace talks between the Taliban and Afghan governments, and Operation Warp Speed, a program to encourage the development of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Farah’s resignation comes in the final weeks of the Trump administration, when staff plan their steps after the White House before the inauguration of elected President Joe Biden. Although Trump refused to allow the election, Farah Biden’s public remarks following his victory were largely conciliatory.

After Biden announced that his own communications operation was led exclusively by women, Farah tweeted, “Every woman is successful and impressive. But the celebration of women’s advancement should be impartial,” followed by a list of women leading Trump’s White House press shop.