White House reporters bothered by Trump’s brief stock market statement: “Strange as s”

White House journalists were dazzled by President Donald Trump ‘s brief statement on the stock market on Tuesday afternoon, followed by a remark “strange as s.”

Trump spoke in the White House briefing for a little over a minute to be the first to exceed the Dow Jones Industrial Average, calling it a “sacred number” and congratulating the American people on the milestone. He then went to ask the gathered journalists.

CSPAN’s hot microphone caught up with reporters who shared their surprised reactions after Trump’s departure, one saying, “That was weird like **.” Another seemed to be attending a “one stranger” briefing.

The strange scene symbolized the historically tense relationship between Trump and his journalists over the past four years. Trump has repeatedly called the press “fake news” and “the enemy of the people,” and journalists have often blurred the lines between journalism and commentary in reports about him.

JIM ACOSTA says there will only be another “crackpot” on the internet after TRUMP JAN. 20

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta retweeted several accounts that summed up the “s ** t” moment, but did not answer the question of whether he made the comment.


Trump has made little public action since election day and has not asked any questions from journalists. While he said he continues to dispute the results, he announced on Twitter on Monday that he had approved the start of a transition process for elected president Joe Biden.