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Why 1 Michael Cohen's simple lie can void his full testimony

During the narrative, Cohen was a liar – to protect Trump – but the scales dropped from his eyes and now he is on the side of facts and truth. In his opening statement to the House Inspection Committee, Cohen nodded that he was a changed man. "I would like to apologize to every member of the US Congress as a whole," he said. When I last appeared before Congress, I came to protect Mr. Trump. Today I'm here to tell the truth about Mr. Trum.

"Mr. Cohen's testimony to the committee's assessment is that Mr. Cohen's motive is to win money with President Trump," says Jordan and Meadows in criminal proceedings – two of Trump's main congress protectors. "It is essential that the Ministry of Justice examine these remarkable contradictions between Mr Cohen, the public account of the SDNY prosecutors and witnesses."

While Jordan and Meadows' submission claims that Cohen does not tell the truth on many fronts, Cohen's most worrying accusation is that his claim that he never wanted to work in the White House is false.

In his Cohen questionnaire, Jordan attempted this case – arguing that Cohen's decision to commit himself to guilty and turn on Trump – was due to the fact that "you wanted to work in the White House.

What Cohen said:

– Sir, I was very proud to be a personal lawyer for the President of the United States of America. I didn't want to go to the White House. I offered a job. I can tell you a story about Mr. Trump, emphasizing Reince Priebus because I didn't do a job where Mr. Trump wanted to work at the White House General Counsel at Don McGahn.

During his testimony, Cohen repeated this initial statement several times that he had the only job he'd ever wanted: Trump's personal lawyer.

(Cohen also suggested that if he worked in the White House, Trump would lose his lawyer's client privilege, potentially exposing the president to legal consequences.)

Cohen's assertion that he never wanted to work in the White House immediately welcomed Trump's allies and family. "Michael was enthusiastic about" being your boss ". tweeted by Eric Trump. "That was the biggest joke in the campaign and in the office. Did you refuse again?"
David Bossie, Deputy Campaign Director of Trump, 2016 this was tweeted"Michael Cohen has asked me to support his efforts to be the Chief of Staff when I helped preside over the Presidential Transient Team. Today he despised himself."

These memories, in the great scheme of things, do not count so much. Of course, Eric Trump or Bossie can say that Cohen wants to be a manager, but in order for Cohen to prove to be a liar, he must have real documentation to lobby for the work of the White House.

For Cohen it is much more problematic that he seemed to be interested in working for the White House after November 2016 – after Trump's surprising victory. Cohen told CNN Chris Cuomo that he had not been given the job at the White House at that time, but "surely he hopes that[d]- he would. Cuomo followed to ask Cohen whether he would get such a job if he offered it; "100%" answered Cohen.
And then there is the fact that, in the Southern District of New York, where Cohen was entrusted with eight crimes last year, prosecutors claimed that Cohen had privately told his friends and colleagues, including seized text messages, that he was expected to have a prominent role and title. in new administration. "

On Wednesday they were asked to explain these SDNY films after they had proved that they didn't want a white house job, Cohen said, "I'm not saying it's a lie, I just say it's not accurate."

But the five words "including seized text messagesRemember that federal investigators seized the documents when they detonated Cohen's house, hotel and office in April 2018. this is a huge problem.

If this scenario happens, Cohen's allies – if these people really exist – will do that, even if they don't really tell the truth about working in the White House, they won't void all the other truths you said on Wednesday.

This may be true for someone who was not a convicted liar. But Cohen is a liar convicted. And if the coming-pure moment does not really come and clear, how can one know what parts of his testimonies were for the whole truth, and what parts were discovered or falsified to look better?

Cohen had an authentication problem on Wednesday's hearing. If it can be proved that he lied in that hearing, his credibility would be ruined forever.

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