William Barr’s visit surprises Chicago leaders; Lieutenant CPD reappointed

A veteran police lieutenant was hired last week after Attorney General William Barr’s one-day trip to Chicago came as a surprise to the Chicago police leadership and the mayor’s office.

Sources told the Chicago Sun-Times that Lieutenant Patrick Quinn was charged at the Police Command Crime Prevention and Information Center and sent to Rogers Park on the north side after Mayor Lori Lightfoot and CPD Brass learned of Barr’s visit. conference call on Nov. 17 – barely a day before Barr, the country’s chief law enforcement officer, arrived in Chicago.

Quinnt was not reached on Tuesday and representatives of Lieutenant CPD’s union did not respond to the inquiries. Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office put questions to the CPD, which refused to comment on Quinn’s move.

“All personnel decisions are made by the Chief Inspector and management team of the Chicago Police Department,” said Pat Mullane, the mayor’s spokesman.

The nature of Barr’s visit is still unclear, and a representative from the Department of Justice declined to comment on the Attorney General’s journey. A spokesman for the U.S. Chicago prosecutor’s office said Barr did not meet anyone from the local federal prosecutor’s office.

He learned of Lightfoot Barr’s trip during a weekly conference call led by the CPD. Near the end of the call, one officer noted that some members of the department were monitoring possible protests the next day, sources said. The officer then told Lightfoot and CPD leadership that Barr would be in Chicago.

“That’s when the sparks started flying,” said a senior CPD source who knows the call.

The Crime Prevention and Information Center, also known as the CPIC, is a fusion center at the CPD headquarters in Bronzeville that works to coordinate intelligence and law enforcement efforts between local, state, and federal agencies.

At the time of his move, Quinn was overseeing CPIC instead of Cmdr. According to police sources, Mel Roman, who was on furlough last week.

Quinn has worked at CPD for 19 years and is highly respected among his colleagues. – No one can touch your institutional knowledge in this class. We’re actually weaker because of that, ”another police source said.

Earlier this year, two other police officers were demoted and relocated after a conference with Lightfoot.

Sources previously told the Sun-Times that Ronald Kimble, a former commander of the CPD’s Drugs Division, appeared during a May conference call against Lightfoot. Shortly afterwards, Kimble and William Bradley, then deputy of the CPD’s Criminal Networks Group, were distilled to the rank of lieutenant and assigned to patrols on the north side.

Barr also visited Chicago last September and promoted the effectiveness of the federal initiative to curb violent crime, “Legend Operation”. CPD officials refused to join Barr in his press conference, which, according to Barr, “just turned out here in Chicago”. Lightfoot later told reporters that the city would not be used as a “support” by an administration that continued to “lead a bad-mouthed Chicago, making misleading and downright false claims.”