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William William Barr did not repeat himself from the Russian probe, he claims officially

Following last year's affirmation, William Barr's lawyer on Monday said Barr would not withdraw himself from the oversight of Russia's constant probe by Robert Mueller, a special adviser.

"Following General Barr's confirmation, senior career ethics officials advised General Barr not to return to a special advisory study," said Kerri Kupec, Director of Public Affairs at the Ministry of Justice.

"In line with these advice, General Barr decided not to use it."

However, a senior DOJ official tells Fox News that Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is still the primary relationship between the Mueller Office. Barr is ultimately responsible, but Rosenstein remains the primary link between the DOJ and the Special Adviser Mueller.

Rosenstein is expected to leave his position this month.

During his ratification process, Barr was again questioned about the probe handling in the Russian intervention during the 2016 presidential election.

Democrats and many Republicans said they believed that Mueller's final report should be released in its entirety. Barr said that the Ministry of Justice's regulations would make it as transparent as possible, noting that the regulations are confidential and only require the report to explain decisions to continue or reject criminal proceedings.

– I don't know what the end of the day is, what's going to be free. I don't know what Bob Mueller is writing, Barr said at the hearing.

On February 14, Barr swore a new lawyer for President Trump after the Senate had previously confirmed that he was in charge of a ministry of justice, whose former officials had been severely criticized by the President for the ongoing Russian investigation. now supervises.

Several Democrats joined almost all Republicans to strengthen Barr, 68, a long-time lawyer who worked between 1991 and 1993 as George H. W. Bokor. He confirmed 54-45.

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President Trump former AG, Jeff Sessions, resigned at the request of the president in mid-November. Trump publicly and privately conducted Sessions after withdrawing from the Russian investigation. Sessions retreated in the midst of revelations, which he spoke twice to Russia's ambassador and did not publish it to Congress.

After resigning, the chairman was Matthew Whitaker, who was the chief officer of Sessions. Whitaker left the DOJ on Saturday.

Fox News ”John Roberts, Alex Pappas and Brooke Singman contributed to this report.

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